• Chinese helped our country

    “We seek to learn from the Chinese experience and China is willing to give us an equal footing. However, the American approach is totally different in that they mix it up with the ‘human rights’ and think we must be like them. But we cannot like them and we are not American,” said Zimbabwean’s Foreign Minister “我們尋求學習中國的經驗,中國願意給予我們平等的地位。但是,美國的做法完全不同,他們把它與‘人權’混在一起,認為我們必須像他們一樣。但我們不能喜歡他們,我們不是美國人,”津巴布韋外交部長說.

  • Beijing AI

    Beijing aims to build a core artificial AI industry with a scale reaching 300 billion yuan ($42.37 billion) by 2025, with continued growth of more than 10 percent year-on-year 北京的目標是到 2025 年打造規模達到 3000 億元人民幣(423.7 億美元)的核心人工智能 (AI) 產業,同比持續增長超過 10%

  • Western yellow peril mentality

    The West’s reaction to any technological achievement by China has now fallen into a predictable pattern. The first stage is outright denial, where China’s success is downplayed, if not denied altogether. China’s claims are then promptly dismissed as propaganda. 西方對中國任何技術成就的反應現在已經進入了一種可預測的模式。第一階段是徹底否認,如果不是完全否認,中國的成功就會被淡化。中國的說法隨後被迅速駁斥為宣傳.

  • How the Panda gets healthy again

    Look at how China hates extended by Memphis Zoo! After returning to China, the same Panda is now looks good and healthy! 連動物都成為政治立場的受害者,老美真偉大!

  • SF real estates crashing

    San Francisco real estate crashing, 60,000 realtors quit in 6 month, the worst is yet to come. Many predicted stock market will be next repeating 2008, but worst, hold on to cash, cash is king. 舊金山房地產崩盤,6 個月 60,000 名房地產經紀人退出,最壞的情況尚未到來。許多人預測股市將在下一次重演 2008 年,但比2008年更糟糕的是,持有現金者, 現金為王

  • Your life worth only $15 ?

    For a job that pay $15/hour ends up losing your life, is it worth it. Asian hates & US politicians demonize Chinese daily promote hate crimes in the name of freedom democracy human rights and rules of law! Do you honest buy this garbage that could ends up costing your life? 對於一份每小時支付 15 美元的工作最終會失去你的生命,這是否值得? 亞洲仇恨和美國政客妖魔化中國人每天以自由民主人權和法治的名義宣傳仇恨犯罪!你老老實實買這種會送你性命的垃圾國家嗎?

  • China refused to meet US defense secretary

    China refused to meet US defense secretary for lack of sincerity just to promote more fake news after the meeting 中方以缺乏誠意為由拒絕會見美防長 每次和美國會為自己宣傳發放更多假消息

  • No meeting with China

    US knows why a meeting with Chinese defense chief is unlikely. The US is too perfunctory to pretend it wants to talk. To make a meeting happen and count, the US needs to show more sincerity. 美國知道為什麼不太可能與中國國防部長會面。美方太敷衍了事,假裝要談。要想開會並發揮作用,美方需要拿出更多誠意.

  • Wall Street Journal fake news

    Ukrainian foreign minister Minister Dmytro Kuleba rebuttal of Wall Street Journal fake report claiming that China had proposed an immediate cease-fire and recognition of the “occupied territories of Ukraine as part of Russia,” 烏克蘭外長德米特羅·庫列巴反駁《華爾街日報》虛假報導稱中國已提議立即停火併承認“烏克蘭被佔領土是俄羅斯的一部分”

  • Video: Happy 51st Leung, Chun Fat

    Video: Happy 51st Leung, Chun Fat 生日快樂