US racist fake news propaganda against China

Nearly 100 countries voiced their support to China for developing its own pattern for human rights development and opposed politicizing human rights issues to suppress other countries at the 76th session of UN General Assembly on Thursday, while the US and a few Western countries started a new round of attacks on China over Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Xizang (Tibet) regions. 週四在第76屆聯合國大會上,近100個國家表示支持中國發展自己的人權發展模式,反對將人權問題政治化打壓他國,而美國和少數西方國家則開始新一輪對中國新疆、香港和西藏(西藏)地區的襲擊。

62 nations at UN support China against US Nazi style fake news propaganda on Xinjiang in an attempt to engage in subversive activities against Chinese, Chinese Americans and China promoting hate crimes in US. 聯合國62個國家支持中國反對美國納粹式的新疆假新聞宣傳,企圖對中國人、華裔美國人和中國進行顛覆活動,在美國宣揚仇恨犯罪。

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