Dr. Joanna Lai – Tsai Gov’t so corrupt & US ignored it, many actually want PLA to come to their rescue

Video: To War or Not to War — That Is the Question: China, Taiwan & US. Dr. Joanna Lai – Tsai Gov’t so corrupt & US ignored it, many actually want PLA to come to their rescue as KMT is hopeless 打仗還是不打仗 – 這是個問題:中國、台灣和美國. Dr. Lai – 台灣蔡政府非常腐敗美國視而不見, 很多人其實希望解放軍來救他們,對國民黨完全失望.


Nancy Pelosi’s controversial visit to Taiwan raised tensions in the Taiwan Strait. Pelosi is not just another visitor; she is the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the third in line of the presidency. China’s vehement reactions are expected, yet the Biden administration and Congress insist that Pelosi’s visit and other official congressional visits do not violate the “one China” policy, under which the United States only maintains “unofficial” relations with Taiwan 南希佩洛西有爭議的台灣訪問引發了台灣海峽的緊張局勢。佩洛西不僅僅是另一個訪客;她是眾議院議長和總統的第三順位繼承人。中國的激烈反應是意料之中的,但拜登政府和國會堅稱,佩洛西的訪問和其他國會正式訪問不違反“一個中國”政策,根據該政策,美國祇與台灣保持“非官方”關係.

Since both powers are adamant about their positions on Taiwan, a conflict in the Taiwan Strait seems inevitable. Will there be a war between China and the United States over Taiwan soon? What can all parties do to lower the tensions? 由於兩國都在台灣問題上立場堅定,台海衝突似乎不可避免。中美之間會不會很快就台灣問題發生戰爭?各方能做些什麼來緩和緊張局勢?

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