I watch Al Pacino movie Serpico


I watch Al Pacino movie Serpico, I think it was the year I left HK in 1973 about a NY police detective true story.


The movie is about a NY police detective did not want to be on the take, almost murdered by fellow police officers, later under witness protection program now lives in Switzerland.

Has the NY Police Department changed much since 1973. My friends lives in NY told me no change last 49 years! Same old same old.

HK police was as corrupt as NY police. At around the same time when the above movie premiered in HK in 1973, HK determined to get rids of all corruptions.

HK enact laws to create Independent Commission Against Corruption ICAC in 1973. Unlike in US when prosecutions are by political appointees Attorney Generals. Democratic controlled States like Hawaii and California, the Attorney Generals will not prosecute people belonging to the same political party. Unlike US, HK’s ICAC is independent of any political interference.

During the early days, some ICAC agents got killed.

But fast forward to present days, HK is now one of the cleanest city to do business similar to Singapore. ICAC can go after corrupt business executives, private sectors & Government Employees, corrupt political officials, elected or otherwise including sending former HKCE Donald Tsang to jail for receiving favors. No one is above the law.

If ICAC is in US, probably the entire US and California Senate and House of Representatives including our Governors and US Presidents and all of his political appointees riding on the revolving door of the get rich quick scheme could be in jail.

Like HK, since 1949 PRC (China) made mistakes, but PRC make changes, at least a dozen of changes since 1949. China’s rise is not by chance or luck, but by good leaderships.

My father used to taught us, besides death, one thing for sure in life is change. Therefore we must be flexible to make change to survive.

A country like US run by Mafia has little desire to make change. At least for US citizens we get to live. But outside of US, all the BS on Freedom Democracy Human Rights and Rules of Laws are out of the window. Any country dared to cross US are not going to live and their citizens sent to poor house.

Has US change for the better?

Depends what do you consider better?

Legalized illegal drugs better?
Homeless better?
More wars better?
Infrastructures falling apart better?
Blowing up Russia gas lines better?
Fake democracy better?
Human Rights gets better?
Rules of Laws slogans only better?
More guns better?
More hate crimes Better?
More Anti-Asian better?
Daily demonize Chinese & China better?
Proxy war in Ukraine better?
Proxy war in Taiwan better?

When you have a system rotten to the core beyond repair like the NY detective had to leave the country to live or risk getting murder, is it better?


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