Hong Kong is a blessed place. by Johnson Choi

Hong Kong as a blessed place. by Johnson Choi (Hawaii, San Francisco, HKSAR & China) Oct 2 2022

自祖父1875 年在香港出生, 我們蔡家體驗香港是一個福地. 香港地理位置優越. 回歸祖國前香港已經辨演重要角色. 回歸後不管香港做出一些不智的行為, 祖國還是把最好的留給香港, 香港有難時像1998金融風暴, 沒有祖國支持香港可能被重創. 今天超過十萬反中人士逃離香港也是正常人和愛國者的好機會. 在國外50歲以下的中國人或香港人應該考慮回歸香港或中國. 除非你願意世世代代在白人的國家做一個二等公民. 年紀較大的有資源的可以考慮為自己祖國做一些事情. 我們不知道二十年後的世界是怎樣. 但我可以確定香港一定不會死, 西方國家已經步入未落, 將來是中國, 亞洲和非洲的世界, 不會改變. Since our grandfather was born in Hong Kong in 1875, our Choi family has experienced Hong Kong is a blessed place. Hong Kong has a superior geographical location. Before returning to the motherland, Hong Kong had already played an important role. When Hong Kong had a difficult time like the 1998 financial crisis. Without the support of the motherland, Hong Kong may be hit hard. Today more than 100,000 anti-China people fleeing Hong Kong are also a good opportunity for normal people and patriots. Chinese people under the age of 50 abroad or Hong Kong People should consider returning to Hong Kong or China. Unless you are willing to be a second-class citizen in an AngloSaxon country for generations. Older people with resources can consider doing something for their motherland. We don’t know what the world will be in twenty years. But I can be sure that Hong Kong will not die, the western countries have already entered the stage of irreversible decline, and the future will be China, Asia and Africa, and it will not change.

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