Australian Chinese turned Sydney into their home ground

Video: Women’s Basketball World Cup, Australian Chinese turned Sydney into their home ground. Ten thousand people sang the national anthem and waved the Chinese flag. 女籃世界杯,澳洲華人把悉尼變主場,萬人齊唱國歌,揮中國國旗, 舞獅隊四歲小獅子萌翻全場

The 2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup will be played in Sydney, Australia. In this World Cup, although the Chinese team lost to the US team in the final, this hard-won runner-up is the best result of the Chinese team in the World Cup World Championships in 28 years. 2022年的女籃世界杯,在澳大利亞的悉尼進行。在這屆世界杯中,中國隊雖然最後在決賽中輸給了美國隊,但是這個來之不易的亞軍,是中國隊二十八年來在世界杯世錦賽上的最好成績。

Although it was an away game to Australia, the Chinese friends in Sydney worked together to turn the Sydney Olympic Park Superdome into the home stadium of the Chinese team. 雖然是客場來澳大利亞比賽,但是身在悉尼的華人朋友們是合力把悉尼奧林匹克公園超級圓頂體育館,變成了中國隊的主場。

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