US War Plan

US War Plan: China Reunification with Taiwan by Force? and Russia to use Nuclear Weapons? By Johnson Choi (San Francisco, Hawaii, HKSAR & China) Oct 4 2022 美國戰爭計劃: 中國通過武力與台灣統一? 和俄羅斯使用核武器? 作者: 蔡永強 (舊金山、夏威夷、香港特別行政區和中國)

Taiwan Province is part of China (per 178 out of the 193 UN members). US like to use the term invade, but how could a country invade itself? The correct term could be China civil war just like the American civil war April 12, 1861 – April 9, 1865.

US ultimate goal is to sell overpriced obsolete weapon to Taiwan Province with an attempt to accomplish the followings:

  • As a form of protection money
  • Gives DPP or Tsai Government moral support and false hope
  • Encourage civil war for Chinese to kill each other
  • Turn Taiwan Province into ruins like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine
  • To give US an excuse to unite her vassal States (NATO under US control, EU, Japan and the 5-eyes) to unveil international sanction against China to stop China rise by all means and at all cost

On the subject of US Proxy War Against Russia on Ukraine, I am not going into the long history how US and NATO broke multiple promises encircling Russia with Nuclear missiles, US launched successful regime change at Ukraine in 2014 and Ukraine planned to join NATO so Nuclear missiles could reach Moscow in minutes prompted Russia launched the invasion.

To help you understand, imagine if Russia placed Nuclear missiles at Canadian or Mexico borders, will that be acceptable to the United States. Do you still remembered Cuba crisis and how US reacted?

Both China and Russia are well aware of American’s game plan. Both countries are run by professional leaders with decades of proven track records handling crisis. They will not be foolish to fall into the American’s trap.

US Game Plan is falling apart. The losers are not China or Russia at the time I am writing this short commentary. The biggest losers are American’s vassal states: EU (especially Germany), Japan, S Korea and the Five-Eyes (especially Britain). Germany and Britain are being skinned alive by the American. Their leaders are falling asleep on the wheels.

Americans are also becoming collateral damage facing high inflation, high interest rate and high energy cost.

The biggest winners are the Military Industrial Complex, Oil Companies, the US Senators, US Congressman and the White House through legalized corruption known as campaign contribution. They are laughing all the way to the bank everyday.

台灣省是中國的一部分(根據193個聯合國成員中的178個讚同) 美國喜歡用入侵這個詞,但一個國家怎麼可能入侵自己呢?正確的術語可能是中國內戰, 就像1861年4月12日至1865年4月9 日的美國內戰一樣.


  • 作為保護金的一種形式
  • 給予民進黨或蔡政府道義支持和虛假希望
  • 鼓勵中國人自相殘殺進行內戰
  • 把台灣省變成伊拉克、敘利亞、阿富汗和烏克蘭一樣的廢墟
  • 中國統一內戰讓美國有藉口聯合其附庸國(美國控制下的北約、歐盟、日本和五眼聯盟)公開對中國的國際制裁,不惜一切手段、不惜一切代價阻止中國崛起.

關於美國在烏克蘭對俄羅斯的代理人戰爭,我們必須了解美國和北約如何打破不用核導彈包圍俄羅斯的多項承諾、2014 年美國啟動了成功的烏克蘭政權更迭以及烏克蘭計劃加入北約以便核導彈能夠在幾分鐘內到達莫斯科促使俄羅斯發動入侵.


中俄都非常清楚美國的遊戲計劃。這兩個國家都由擁有數十年處理危機記錄的專業領袖管理. 他們不會愚蠢地落入美國陷阱.

美國遊戲計劃如意算盤正在分崩離析. 在我撰寫這篇簡短評論時,輸家不是中國或俄羅斯. 最大的輸家是美國的附庸國: 歐盟 (尤其是德國), 日本, 韓國和五眼聯盟 (尤其是英國) 德國和英國正在被美國人活活剝皮. 他們的領導人在車輪上睡著了.


最大的贏家是軍事工業園區、石油公司、美國參議員、美國國會議員和白宮通過被稱為競選捐款的合法化腐敗. 他們每天都笑著去銀行.

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