Thousands Miles Home – by Johnson Choi

Thousands Miles Home 萬里尋根歸家路 By Johnson Choi 蔡永強, Oct 6 2022

Let me start with a true Chinese story taught in Rosaryhill School in Hong Kong.

In ancient times, there was a story called “Mengzi’s mother moved three times”, that was the mother of Mencius wanted to create a good learning environment for her children.

The first move was right next to the tomb, so Mencius learned to do a lot of funerals. When Mencius’ mother saw that, she moved quickly.

The second time he moved near the vegetable market, Mencius learned to sell things and pork there. Mother Meng felt that it was not a place to stay for a long time, so she moved again.

In the end, he moved near the school, and Mencius went to the school every day to study with everyone. Only then did Mother Meng feel more at ease.

Mencius would not have become a accomplished scholar in China without his mother Meng choosing a good environment. Therefore, if a person is successful in learning and morality, he does have a direct relationship with his parents and teachers as well as the environment.

Who is Mengzi?

Mencius or Mèngzǐ was a Chinese Confucian philosopher who has often been described as the “second Sage”, that is, after only Confucius himself. He is part of Confucius’ fourth generation of disciples. Mencius inherited Confucius’ ideology and developed it further.

It is quite obvious your environments impact your current and future live, especially your children and grandchildren.

When your children and grandchildren raised in an environment filled with hate crimes, racism, legalized illegal drugs, crack cocaine readily available, guns, murders, violence including police violence against people of color, legalized thief, homeless many with mental problems and regularly received verbal attacks by Anglo Saxon politicians solely because of your skin color, if you are a mother or grandmother, do you see a bright future for your children and grandchildren?

The reasons why millions of Chinese left China is the very same reasons why Chinese should now consider leaving their foster homes in US and other Anglo Saxon colonialist countries to return to China, especially when you are young, smart, educated with special skills. The future, the next 100 years is in China, Asia, India, Middle East and Africa. Let me emphasis, leaving the US foster home is not for everyone especially for the retirees with little to no resources and non-technical blue color workers.

Let us take a look at your options focusing on US and Canada.

There were waves of Chinese immigrants left Chinese territories (China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) last 60 years. Most of them had went to US, Canada, Australia, Britain and other Anglo Saxon colonial countries.

Using our family as an example, my older brothers and sisters, now in their late 80s and early 90s left Hong Kong for Canada in the 1960s. The reasons they left were the opportunities for education and jobs. That was the same reasons I stayed in the US after college in the 1970s.

Prior to 2010 China were less prosperous compared to US and Canada. Both US and Canada seems to have treated Chinese immigrants rather fairly prior to Obama’s 2012 Pivot to Asia to contain China.

China’s rapid rise since the late 1990s and especially after China joining WTO had made leaving home less attractive, but education and jobs in US and Canada still offered better opportunities. Besides many were joining family members who left home 10-20 years prior. We are frequently referring that as family reunion.

As China continued to rise economically and militarily from 2010 taking a different path not adhering to the so call American’s Colonialist World Order, aka. American Hegemony. US and China amiable relationship start to drift apart slowly.

Most people are not aware of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFA), the Godfather of all think tanks began to produce White Papers such as “Pivot to Asia” also known as “China Containment” White Paper, delivered to President Obama for execution. The escalation of China containment has started with President Obama in 2012 and continued till today.

The external China Containment turns inwards aggressively targeting Chinese living in America, accelerated since President Trump supported by both the Republican and Democratic Parties, mostly Anglo Saxons Politicians. Further escalation since Covid19 blaming everything on Chinese for their own incompetent using Chinese Americans as target promoting hatred and hate crimes against the Chinese community resulting in almost daily attacks against Chinese Americans and Asians throughout America increased by more than 200%.

In the old days, Anglo Saxon racists had to disguise or wear a face mask. Today in the name of homeland security, racists from both Republican and Democratic parties are promoting hatred toward Chinese, Chinese American and China to get votes before, during and after the elections. Making Chinese the enemy of the State is an effective way getting votes at the poll.

Therefore for the same reasons why Chinese came to US last 200 years, it may be time for the same reasons why Chinese should consider returning to their roots, return to China, Hong Kong or Macau especially for those that are smart, educated with special skills and under age 40.

US cannot and will not tolerate or accept Chinese and China, the once considered sick man of East Asia to stand head and shoulder with Anglo Saxon Americans. Allowing that to happen is totally unbearable and unacceptable. The 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act has never gone away, resurrected many times under different names. It is the same bottle different wines.

US is pulling everything from the tool box focusing on destroying China to bring China to her knees to kowtow to the colonial master. Unfortunately the same tools used to destroy Japan in the 1980 and freeze Japan GDP for 30 years till today does not work for China. China is not Japan.

US is having difficulties destroying Russia with the help of NATO, EU, Japan and the Five Eyes. Russia’s GDP is about 1/10 of US. The blow back is actually destroying EU, Japan and the Five Eyes. US has become the sole benefactor.

I am not here to support Russia. But we all know if US successfully destroying Russia, China will be next. The proxy war against China will be fought in Taiwan. American’s objective is to see Chinese killing each others turning Taiwan in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Syria.

If and when a war ever breaks out between US and China, looking back to history at the fate of Japanese American during WWII and Russian Nationals during the current US proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. It is highly likely all Chinese Americans’ assets will be frozen, confiscated and Chinese probably placed in concentration camps like the Japanese American during WWII. It does not matter if you are a Chinese Chinese-haters trying to get brownie points from the Anglo Saxon elites or not. It does not matter because FBI & NSA pull out everyone with a Chinese last name. You will still be on the list.

That is why exit strategy should be planned now and not later. Thousands Miles Home maybe more urgent than you think.

讓我從一個真實的中國故事開始, 我在香港的小學學習過.









當您的子孫在充滿仇恨, 犯罪、種族主義、合法化的非法毒品、可卡因隨處可見, 槍支、謀殺、盜竊合法化,街頭擠滿了精神問題的無家可歸者, 暴力包括警察對有色人種的暴力的環境中長大,並且因為您的膚色而經常受到白人政治家的抨擊和言語攻擊。如果您是一位母親或祖母,您認為您的子孫後代有光明的未來嗎?

數百萬中國人離開中國的原因與今天中國人應該考慮離開他們在美國和其他白人國家的寄養家庭返回中國的原因相同,為您和您的後代找到一個更好的家, 尤其是那些受過良好教育並具有特殊技能的聰明有頭腦的年輕人。未來,下一個100年的世界是屬於中國、亞洲、印度、中東和非洲。讓我強調一下,離開美國寄養家庭並不適合所有人,尤其是對於資源很少或沒有資源和非技術性藍色工人的退休人員。 因此,您應該仔細研究並與家人討論。


在過去的40-50 年裡,一波又一波的中國移民離開了中國領土(中國、香港、澳門和台灣)。他們中的大多數人去了美國、加拿大、澳大利亞、英國和其他白人國家。

以我們蔡家為例,我的哥哥姐姐們,現在已經是80 歲和90 歲初,在1960 年代離開香港前往加拿大。他們離開的原因是接受教育和工作的機會。這與我在1970 年代大學畢業後留在美國的原因相同。

中國與美國和加拿大相比,2010 年之前中國的繁榮程度較低。在2012 年奧巴馬“重返亞洲以遏制中國”之前,美國和加拿大似乎都相當公平地對待了中國移民。

中國自1990 年代後期的快速崛起,特別是在中國加入世貿組織之後,已經開始降低了離開中國的吸引力,但美國和加拿大的教育和就業機會仍然提供了更好的機會。此外,許多想要和10 -20年前離家的家庭成員團圓。

隨著中國從2010 年開始在經濟和軍事上崛起,走上了一條和殖民主義國家不同的道路,不遵守所謂的美國殖民主義世界秩序。美中友好關係開始慢慢疏遠。

美國主導的美國霸權。大多數人都不知道外交關係委員會(CFR),它是所有智庫的教父, 每年寫幾十套白皮書,例如“轉向亞洲”也稱為“遏制中國”白皮書,交付給奧巴馬總統執行。遏制中國的升級從2012年奧巴馬總統開始,一直持續到今天。

自從特朗普總統得到共和黨和民主黨(主要是白人)的支持以來,積極遏制中國的極端措施從對外轉向美國內部針對華裔美國人。自從新冠肺炎, 美國自己無能但將一切都歸咎於中國人以華裔美國人為目標, 宣揚針對華人社區的仇恨和仇恨犯罪,導致全美幾乎每天針對華裔美國人和亞裔的襲擊增加了200% 以上。


因此,出於同樣的原因,中國人在過去200 年來到美國從未接受過平等待遇,也許是時候讓中國人回到他們的根源,回到中國、香港或澳門,尤其是那些聰明、受過良好教育且年齡在40 歲以下的人。

美國不能也不會容忍或平等對待中國人和中國,在他們眼裡,中國人還是東亞病夫無法忍受和他們並肩而立. 1882年的排華法案從未消失,今天以不同的名字復活,同一瓶不同的酒。

美國正在把所有東西都從摧毀中國的工具箱裡拿出來,讓中國跪下來向殖民主人磕頭。不幸的是,1980 年用來摧毀日本芯片工業並凍結日本國內生產總值30 年的相同工具對中國不起作用, 中國不是日本。





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