Japanese Crimes Against Humanity

Japanese Crimes Against Humanity / Jenny Chan (Pacific Atrocities Education) and I just returned from NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) after 2 weeks visit. 日本危害人類罪/ Jenny Chan 太平洋暴行教育和我剛從國家檔案和記錄管理局訪問兩週後回來 By Nancy M Lee Ph.D. in San Francisco Oct 6 2022

We have found a lot about Japanese crimes in World War II. All that we did not fully know before. For example, there are:

Mukden (Shenyang) POW Camp and Japanese Army “731 Unit” Bacterial Warfare, more than 12,000 pages.

Five thousand pages of Kampetai (Japanese Military Police) files.

There are also documents about the American Doolittle fliers and Seagull Mission fliers.

In the Doolittle case, the Japanese Imperial 13th Expeditionary Army captured three American airmen (Hallmark, Fallow, and Spatz) in 1942. They were interrogated, tortured, tried without legal representation, and finally executed. In another case from the Seagull Mission, three airmen (Brown, Forbes, and White) were captured in 1943, paraded, tortured, and finally burned alive in Shanghai. President F. D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order (EO 9512, 1943) to capture the involved. In 1945, these Japanese officials were executed after a trial in Shanghai.

These are things we did not know before. We were surprised and fortunate to find tens of thousands of historical documents after almost 80 years.

These data are all because of Senator D. Feinstein’s proposal in 1999 and passed in 2004 (Japanese Imperial Army Disclosure Act of 1999). We could not have seen so much material without this bill. Back then, Ding Yuan and GA’s former president, Ivy Lee, representing the Alliance for Preserving the Truth of Sino-Japanese War organization (APTSJW), promoted and cooperated with Sheldon Harris and others so that we can benefit today.

It is hard to imagine how difficult it was for Sheldon Harris (Death factories, 1995) and Iris Chang (Rape of Naking, 1997). They had to gather relevant information prior to the NARA declassification. Without Ding Yuan’s hard work behind the scenes, they probably could not have written such masterpieces.

Recently, the APTSJW has been sorting out its 30-year history. However, we have not heard the APTSJW board of directors mention these works. Ding Yuan’s hard work and contribution to APTSJW and GA were commendable. It should be remembered.

剛从NARA 回来,在那里二个星期,找到了很多关于二次大战日本罪行的资料。都是我们以前不完全知道的。譬如其中有:1)Mukden (沈阳) POW Camp 和 日軍《731部隊》細菌戰獸行, 12,000页多 ; 2) 5,000 页Kampetai (日本宪兵司令部)擋案; 3)还有关于美國Doolittle team 的三位飞行员(Hallmark, Fallow and Spatz)的资料。他们在1942年被Japanese Imperial 13th Expeditionary Army抓到,经历了审问,和种种拷打折磨, and finally executed。

Another team from the Seagull Mission, three airmen (Brown, Forbes, and White) were captured in 1943, paraded,tortured and 最后在上海被活活烧死。President F. D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order (EO 9512, 1943)to capture the involved。 1945年,这几位日本将领在上海经过审判後执行死刑。这些都是我們以前不知道的。我和Jenny看到这么多的资料, 惊喜到晚上都睡不着觉,很庆幸这么多年后还能找到这些宝贵的历史文件。

这些资料都是因为Senator D. Feinstein 1999 年的proposal, 后来在 2004年通过的 bill (Japanese Imperial Army Disclosure Act of 1999)。没有这份bill 我们不可能看到这么多的资料。當年丁元和 GA的前任会长Ivy Lee出力,推動史维会策划和Sheldon Harris 合作才使我们今天能受惠。

我们真難以想像, Sheldon Harris (Death factories, 1995) 和 Iris Chang (Rape of Naking, 1997)當年在NARA档案 沒有解密之前,是多麼不容易搜集到相關的資料。從而可以理解到如果沒有丁元幕後的辛勞和努力,他們大概不可能寫出這樣的巨著。


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