My friend arrived in Hong Kong yesterday morning sharing his comments

My friend arrived in Hong Kong yesterday morning sharing his comments

“Frustrating to fill out all the required forms to submit online. No one told me that the arrival date is counted as zero day not day one. I have to comb through the pamphlet pdf to rectify that little fine print” “Even with the lift of hotel quarantine requirement for visitors, HK still gives visitors an eerily impression of a city under Covid siege mentality. There is a disproportional high ratio of uniform workers present in health, security, and maintenance, etc to serve not too crowded inbound visitors. Everyone masked up under peer group pressure. There are still a lot of tests and procedures to follow through during the home quarantine period. With my fingers crossed I still have a lot of work to do before I can secure a blue health code necessary to see my mother in the hospital. Personally from a layman’s point of view, I think the latest Covid variant had since mellowed down and is not as lethal as before. I also feel that with a high vaccination rate in Canada and HK, we have sufficient protection against virus infection to lead a normal life. So in my own opinion, the medical surveillance and control here in HK is a bit overkill.”

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