Video: EU split explodes!

Video: EU split explodes! Germany told US enough is enough slams 200 billion to declare energy independence 歐盟分裂爆發!德國宣布2000億美元宣布能源獨立不再彼美國宰殺毀滅其民生和工業

Since the beginning of the European chaos, the energy crisis is a topic that European countries can not get around. The reason why the heat of the energy crisis has been unrelenting is that the energy crisis affects more than just the energy piece. At the same time, a large number of factories are wandering on the verge of closure due to energy shortage, and the supply chain of the whole European countries will be threatened. In addition, the current energy crisis in Europe has evolved to the point where it depends on the population to reduce consumption in order to achieve energy savings. This is enough to see how much of a negative impact the energy crisis has on European countries. So at such a critical juncture, German Chancellor Scholz has announced a major decision. Recently, the German government announced an energy bailout plan on its own, with a maximum ceiling of 200 billion euros. Judging from the amount, this is definitely not a small amount. 自歐洲亂局之初,能源危機便成為歐洲國家無法迴避的話題。能源危機的熱度一直不減的原因在於,能源危機影響的不僅僅是能源這塊。與此同時,大量工廠因能源短缺而瀕臨倒閉,整個歐洲國家的供應鏈將受到威脅。此外,目前歐洲的能源危機已經發展到依靠人口減少消費以實現節能的地步。這足以看出能源危機對歐洲國家的負面影響有多大。所以在如此關鍵的時刻,德國總理舒爾茨宣布了一項重大決定。近日,德國政府自行宣布了一項能源救助計劃,最高限額為2000億歐元。從數量上看,這絕對不是一筆小數目。

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