Video: China’s Democracy “promises made promises kept”

Video: China’s Democracy “promises made promises kept” to all people verses Western Democracy “promises made seldom kept” except for the 1% elites 中國民主對全民”信守承諾”,西方民主“天天謊言”祇為1%精英服務

江(river)山(mountain)是人民,人民是江山“. In English, you can translate this to: “The country is (belongs to) the people, and the people are (rule) the country”. the meaning is very similar to “from the people, by the people, and for the people” in the US Declaration of Independence. But the CPC is more in a service position for the people, to be a true leader for the people as a whole (US only serve the elites), this probably is the difference between western democracy and China’s democracy… 江山是人民,在英語中,您可以將其翻譯為:“國家是(屬於)人民,人民是(統治)國家”。這與美國獨立宣言中的“來自人民、由人民、為人民”的含義非常相似。但中國共產黨更多的是為人民服務,做一個真正為全體人民服務的領袖,在美國政府祇為1%精英服務, 這大概就是西方民主和中國民主的區別吧

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