Once in a lifetime for overseas Chinese

US is decoupling with China on Science & Techology risking destroying US companies evidenced by their stock prices drop by 50% last 13 months. This also means once in a lifetime opportunity for Overseas Chinese. By Johnson Choi 10-23-22 美國正在全速推進與中國在科技方面的脫鉤,美國政府不惜摧毀美國公司,其股價在過去 13 個月下跌了 50%. 這也意味著是海外華僑千載難逢的機會.

The emphasis on science and technology was evident not only in the new line-up of the powerful Politburo announced on Sunday but also in the newly elected policymaking Central Committee.

It has created excellent opportunities for people especially Chinese in science & technologies relocating back to China when more than 5,000 had already left Silicon Valley last 3 years, more than 1,400 professors in science and technology at ivory league universities in US left and returned to China in 2021, 1000s more each year expect to follow next 5-10 years.

Someone has suggested if you don’t speak Chinese you can’t worked in China.

More than 15 years ago, when I took US Department of Commerce sponsored trips taking US companies to China to set up business there, we have visited at least a dozen high technology parks throughout China. Those high technology parks were managed by Chinese worked for companies in US & Europe prior to returning to China in their early 40s like Johnson & Johnson, Merk, Intel, AMD, Microsoft and etc. They spoke fluent Chinese, English and European languages. They left US & EU for the following reasons: racial discrimination, glass ceiling, return home to help their motherland (China), family reunion and most want to spend time with their aging parents.

China focus on science and technology means substantial resources will be allocated supported by almost all business and government sectors especially the funding sources will be plentiful.

History has taught us, when Chinese put their mind to it. It is almost a sure win.


過去3年有5000多名華人離開矽谷,2021年有1400多名華人科技教授在美國頂尖大學離開回國,預計未來 5-10 年每年還會有更多華人科技教授回國.

有人建議,如果你不會說中文,你就不能在中國工作. 這是假信息.

15多年前,當我參加美國商務部贊助的美國公司到中國開展業務的商務訪問團時,我們參觀過在中國至少十幾個高科技園區。那些高科技園區都是由中國人當主管, 大部分都是在40歲出頭之前在美國或歐洲工作, 比如強生、默克、英特爾、AMD、微軟等。他們離開美國或歐洲的原因如下:種族歧視、玻璃天花板,回家幫助祖國和家人團聚,尤其是與年邁的父母共度時光。


歷史告訴我們,當中國人認真對待一件事情時, 這幾乎是肯定的勝利.

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