China Special Interest fashions destroyed

Video: Li Qiang was promoted. Special Interest fashions destroyed. Former Taiwan ambassador Jie Wenji: Xi Jinping formed a fighting team. Anyone with a corrupt past was removed from the list. A century of changes is here. 李強破格晉升團派全滅 前台灣大使介文汲: 習近平組戰鬥團隊 任何人有腐敗的過去都被除名 百年變局大破大立 台灣問題嚴峻

Good explanation of why Xi took on a third term which was decided during the 19th party congress. The west totally misjudged the reason for this . Before Xi, corruption was rampant because each of the standing committee members of the central committee has his or her turf, which means local governments in such turf can ignore the authority of the central committee. This is called rule of the 9 dragons, when the standing committee had 9 members under Hu. That is also the systemic weakness that made Hu such a weak leader. 很好地解釋了為什麼習近平在十九大上決定連任第三個任期。西方完全誤判了這其中的原因。在習近平之前,腐敗猖獗,因為每個中央常委都有自己的地盤,這意味著在這個地盤的地方政府可以無視中央的權威。這就是所謂的九龍統治,當時常務委員會有九名胡人。這也是使胡錦濤成為如此軟弱的領導人的系統性弱點。

Xi got the mandate during the 19th congress to rid the CPC of corruption which was acknowledged to endanger the rule of the party and the demise of the PRC. 習近平在十九大期間獲得了清除中共腐敗的任務,腐敗被認為危害黨的統治和中華人民共和國的滅亡。

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