US “abandon” Native Americans & committed crimes against humanities

US look herself in the mirror & accused China because that is how US “abandon” Native Americans & committed crimes against humanities 美國照鏡子指責中國,因為這就是美國“拋棄”美洲原住民並犯下反人類罪行的方式

I am in discussions with a couple of movie directors to do a fantasy historical movie about native Americans.

If native Americans were in China as one of the 57 minority races (56 now), what would have happened?

Using how China treated the other 55 minority races + Han race = 56 races.

Native Americans would be well treated, not only well treated, with special privileges like the Muslims in Xinjiang, the Tibetans in Tibet and etc. Native Americans population would be double and tripled. Children go to the best school, all of them, not just a few like the Canadian Native Indian we met in Saskatchewan Canada in 1973 being used to rule the other 99%.

Chinese believe that your next life determined by the good things one did in prior life.

It is of course a fantasy movie we are working on.

Chinese is a civilization state. Throughout our 5,000 years history we do not believe in hegemony. Yes, Chinese did go out to conquer, but takes no colony or slaves like the AngloSaxon did last 300+ years.

The Ching Dynasty (Manchu) and Yun Dynasty (Mongolian) did invade China, but in the end they adopted Chinese culture and civilization as their own.

That is why when you asked me or any Chinese if you love China so much why not go back to China. China as a civilization state, there is no boundaries, no physical boundaries. China is always in our hearts and it is our roots that make us strong and that is how 50,000,000 Overseas Chinese stay United and Patriots to our ancestors.

And that is why US is so scared because Chinese believe in common prosperity for mankind, and Americans believe in prosperity building on others miseries.

See the differences!?

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