China’s rise

China’s rise 中國掘起 by Johnson Choi, Nov 1 2022

US is like a rich kids making all the wrong moves, turning friends into enemies and China 以靜制動 (no action just watch) watching US continued to make mistakes burning itself in hell like 朱藹亮 (the military strategist) did during the 三國時代 (three kingdoms era) beating its adversaries many times bigger, but not smarter.

It is a foregone conclusion that US is heading towards the path of the once great Roman Empire because US is an extension of the Roman Empire only believe in brute forces.

China is the same China last 5,000 years just got smarter, a civilization states coming back to the world stage again after missing in action during most of the last 200 years.

Like Napoleon once said “don’t wake up the Lion, it will shake the world” it is now just the beginning…watch out…the best has yet to come. But don’t worry, unlike the Western Empire, China’s rise will be peaceful just like last 5,000 years. China takes no slaves or colony. History don’t lied!

China goal is to share common prosperity with all nations and mankind.

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