Road model for Chinese Americans Video

Road model for Chinese Americans Video: World-class Chinese top scientist, abandon US return to China. Chinese structural biologist Yan Ning following 1,000s of Chinese top scientists in US will resign from Princeton University return to China to establish medical academy.

Thousands more will follow in the coming years.

US is forcing Chinese to leave just like the McCarthy Era. In the 50s you need to be a true patriot to leave US for China.

Many top scientists did not return to China in the 70-90s because China was still relatively poor, offer little money or equipments to do research.

Today, the same scientists could return to China with full support of the Chinese Gov’t at all levels (according to the just concluded CPC 20th Congress) in the next 10-20 years.

If that is not enough, today the top scientists pay matched those in US or more.

Unless someone hated China or enjoying daily abuses by US Gov’t, not to mention a small sneeze by a Chinese scientist could ends up having the FBI entering your home with guns drawn put handcuffs on you in front of your family and children.

Is that the kind of lives a smart Chinese with brain will endure, living in fear and nightmares everyday!?

Politicians from the White House, US Senators, US House of Representatives and others are hiding their racist attitudes towards Chinese and Asian Americans promoting hated in the name of homeland security. As a result hate crimes against Chinese and Asian Americans increased by more than 200% last 3 years with no ends in sight.

AngloSaxon Americans are telling Chinese and Asians that you are no longer welcome here.

Professor John Walsh MD in San Francisco: Johnson, Your points are well put. I would add one thing. The attitude to Chinese builds on past racism but that racism has been ramped up since Obama’s Pivot and its follow ups under Trump and now Biden, the most vicious of the three.

I noticed attitudes to China and Chinese improving before the Pivot.
Then things began to change.

As long as China is the number one economy in the world and threatens to put a brake on the US drive for global hegemony, the attacks on all things Chinese will continue. Like the scurrilous attacks on China’s health care workers in the NYT. And this will spill over into attacks on Chinese and other Asians in the US.

I am a bit wary of those who attribute all the anti-China sentiment to past problems and not the present ones which account for recent upsurges in this racism.

This seems to involve a head in the sand approach – and it leads to the idea that all will be well for Chinese (and their friends and supporters) so long as we go along with the mounting hostility to China and behave like “good Germans.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

美國華人的模範! 世界级華人顶尖人才,弃美投中. 又一中國科學家選擇歸國服務。知名結構生物學家、「科研女神」顏寧昨宣布將辭去普林斯頓大學教職,全職出任深圳醫學科學院創始院長。顏寧五年前由清華大學來美,她宣布返中後引起廣泛迴響。有評論稱顏寧等華裔科學家加速回流,顯示中國在中美科技競爭下的搶人才大戰再勝一回合。而對顏寧回國,中國不少網民表示「歡迎」已經在數千美國華人科學家在過去五年返回中國. 將來有更多華人科學家跟隨.

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