Berlin Goes To Beijing – The Real Deal

Berlin Goes To Beijing – The Real Deal. Western media & think tank predict the collapse of China within 5 years. They do not know how strong China foundation position is compare to Japan in 1990s. 柏林去北京 – 真正的交易。西方媒體和智庫預測中國將在 5 年內崩潰。他們不知道與1990年代的日本相比,中國的基礎地位有多強大.

In China most of the big business owned by CPC controlled SOE. It is very different with Japan where private industrial sogososhua run Japan machinery, which are not controlled by Japan political elite.

Germany & EU survival depend very much on China supporting them financially by supporting Euros bonds. Germany now begging China to save them from economic collapse.

China has more than $30 trillion cash in their banking system against $15 trillion internal debts. China is the largest creditor nation in the world. How can China collapse ?

Japan elite and leaders are very stupid still want to suck American dick and not dare to kick US military out of Okinawa. Japanese people have samurai spirit in the past but become stupid slaves of Anglo Americans Zionist. How sad a proud people like Japan not willing to fight hard for their country independence and become willing slaves of the Anglo zionist super elite and super jews.

Japan leaders should go visit China asap to sign new trade deals. Japan should propose to China to dump US dollars at the same time. Crash the Wall Street and crash Dollar hegemony.

Escobar: Berlin Goes To Beijing – The Real Deal SUNDAY, NOV 06, 2022
Authored by Pepe Escobar,

The Scholz caravan went to Beijing to lay down the preparatory steps for working out a peace deal with Russia, with China as privileged messenger…

With his inimitable flair for economic analysis steeped in historical depth, Professor Michael Hudson’s latest essay, originally written for a German audience, presents a stunning parallel between the Crusades and the current “rules-based international order” imposed by the Hegemon.

Professor Hudson details how the Papacy in Rome managed to lock up unipolar control over secular realms (rings a bell?) when the game was all about Papal precedence over kings, above all the German Holy Roman Emperors. As we know, half in jest, the Empire was not exactly Holy, nor German (perhaps a little Roman), and not even an Empire.

A clause in the Papal Dictates provided the Pope with the authority to excommunicate whomever was “not at peace with the Roman Church.” Hudson sharply notes how US sanctions are the modern equivalent of excommunication.

Arguably there are Top Two dates in the whole process.

The first one would be the Third Ecumenical Council of 435: this is when only Rome (italics mine) was attributed universal authority (italics mine). Alexandria and Antioch, for instance, were limited to regional authority within the Roman Empire.

The other top date is 1054 – when Rome and Constantinople split for good. That is, the Roman Catholic Church split from Orthodoxy, which leads us to Russia, and Moscow as The Third Rome – and the centuries-old animosity of “the West” against Russia.

There’s more: the Scholz caravan may be trying to start a long and convoluted process of eventually replacing the US with China as a key ally. One should never forget that the top BRI trade/connectivity terminal in the EU is Germany (the Ruhr valley).

According to one of the sources, “if this effort is successful, then Germany, China and Russia can ally themselves together and drive the US out of Europe.”

Another source provided the cherry on the cake: “Olaf Scholz is being accompanied on this trip by German industrialists who actually control Germany and are not going to sit back watching themselves being destroyed.”

So could this all be the foundation stone of the Berlin-Moscow-Beijing trans-Eurasia geopolitical/geoeconomic corridor? That will mean Bye Bye Empire. Once again: it ain’t over till the fat lady goes Gotterdammerung.

Germany has figured out that the BRICS alliance is gaining new members and hence momentum fast. I also believe the US/England boys blew up Nord Stream. I think Germany knows this and is looking to the future.

Germany still has no peace treaty. It’s basically the vassal of the Anglo Banking Oligarchs. Believe it or not America is still a British colony. But if Corona didn’t show it obviously that the world has only a few rulers behind the scene. Even Russia and China are dancing to their tune. It’s Banking oligarchs ruling this world. Politicians are mere puppets and doing their bidding. Believe it or not Putin and Xi have the same overlords like Scholz and Biden.

Germany is stuck with camp US – every move it makes, is first signed-off in Washington DC. There is no way China will fall for any cheap trick – while the other major powers are struggling together, it can sit pretty for a long time – it’s what they’ve done for millenia.

the USA run just like a failing third world country, due to the ideological incompetence of the CIA and it’s members greed for corporate and organized crime kick backs. Quite clearly the CIA is in charge of the USA, the unmistakable lack of competence in managing things on full public display, down to endless propaganda and hacking online polls, plus of course millions of social media bots.

Yes Germany has smelled the coffee and is working on ways to forge a path forward without the Anglo-Americans breathing down their neck. However, it’s most likely not about replacing the US with China as some kind of political guarantor but rather a purely economical interlocutor. In fact the country that has turned a blind eye to China’s communist and antithesis to personal liberties is the United States and not Europe or Germany.

If China can support Europe financially during the transition away from the dollar system and sustain trade eastward even France might get onboard and that is key to make it work. Italy is most likely already willing to accept this while most smaller nations will fall inline as it dawns on them where the current trajectory is heading. The step taken by the US and UK to blow up Nordstream was very defining and long-term damning for them. Unless they can instigate ww3 soon to be played out yet again in Europe then this centuries old game of dominance will be over.

There was a time after ww2 when the US could have truly engaged down the path that it publicly proclaimed – being the open, free and liberty based nation willing to share prosperity. Behind the scenes we now know this was merely window dressing as the conquer strategy to dominate using all means was being set up. Yet another example of the age old expression that ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’.

Every vassal hates his lordship, he only submits because he fears it.
Do you really think that japan after being defeated and humiliated by the US, with the civilian population of two cities incinerated, loves the US? They’re just patient, they’ll wait a thousand years if it takes to get even.

Here’s the secret no one wants to talk about, US policy is UK policy!

We, the US are nothing more than the military enforcement arm of UK owned or controlled multinationals.

Don’t be fooled. You think it’s the leftists that own this?

Didn’t they just put nukes in Finland right on Russia’s border? It was Trump that made that possible by killing then INF Treaty. Oh, and who equipped and trained the the Ukronassies to kill Donbass civilians? What about the 8 viruses released into China during his term? And who turned a blind eye to the Ukronassies stockpiling Plutonium? And what about the chemical weapons attack in Syria by US created, financed and controlled rebels?

You’re being played when they offer you a scapegoat that is based only on a narrative and you forget the past. Forget about how you feel and look at the facts. I’d get banned if I gave out more information. The onus is on you to read more. Stop wasting your time going where your being herded.

Seems like taking on Russia and China just wasn’t enough. The “rules based liberal western oligarchs” are reimagining all the old enemies. Germany and Italy are being ostracized. Japan has already renewed their energy/gas deals with Russia. Let’s go ahead and run the clock back a couple hundred years and declare the UK oppressive and anti-freedom too!

For Fucks Sake. The liberal west has gone insane. I don’t believe a fucking word from the western media or any government official.

The anglosphere versus the world.

Who are the morons running US foreign policy?

This arrogance is based on what absolute economic and military supremacy?

Incredible stupidity.

I posted this earlier on the Finland thread. Scholz has been telegraphing Germany joining the new multi-polar world for 6 months.

Scholz at Davos in May:

Scholz predicting a multipolar world In June:

Scholz’s historic essay in Politico this week

And of course the US neocon reaction:

The US do not need to be driven out of Europe. They just need to have their power pruned. The results of a US power monopoly haven’t been good in the last 20/30 years, so change and diversification is due.

Germany has experienced what war is like and how many generations are affected by the long shadows of war.

You cannot tolerate a deep dive of living standards there because that would create civil war like conditions. Only China and Russia can offer hope to maintain the standard of living. America had it’s day and needs to learn that everything in history is a phase.

Rolf Mutzenich,chairman of the (SPD,Scholz party) of Germany in the Bundestag,said that the government of Ukraine put him on the list of terrorists only because he advocated the establishment of a ceasefire and the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine by diplomatic means.

elensky is a rabid dog. he needs to be put down.

China has long term investments in Germany.

Give or take 20 days by rail from Shanghai to the industrial heartland of Europe. Shorter from other key industrial cities in China.

China bought large parts of Port of Hamburg.

They want Ukraine to stop the bullshit and give up fighting for the Russian territories. NATO and US won’t get Crimea.

What do they need it for other than try and meddle in European-Chinese trade relations? Russia is not Europe’s enemy. The US has no business being in Europe. Period.

The future of humanity will be the Sino-Russo (and later Indian) led Global South alliance joined by German, French, and entire Europe, and eventually Japanese, a united Eurasia-Afro-South Ameican Alliance, including entire Asian continent (and Japan island, and SE Asia island nations), and entire European continent, and Middle East and African continent and South American continent (incuding Mexico) against the Anglo-Saxon evil racist bastards in the 3 largest isolated islands on earth that is North American Island, Britain Island, and Australia Island.

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