Debunk Radio Free Asia (US Gov’t Mouthpiece) Video

Debunk Radio Free Asia (US Gov’t Mouthpiece)Video: The agricultural cooperative is making a come back to China. But no one will need to worry about being forced to ration food and other necessities. 揭穿自由亞洲電台(美國政府喉舌)視頻:農業合作社正在重返中國。但沒有人需要擔心被迫配給食物和其他必需品 By JH, SF Bay Area China Group, Nov 6 2022

It is not a return to a planned economy, but the last mile in connecting to the rest of the country the majority of China’s population living in rural areas now neglected by the likes of Alibaba who make less than 1000 rmb per month. China is a vast land with a tremendous variety of geography, climate and local customs. People living in the more remote parts of this land are still isolated from the rest of the country and the National market economy. Beijing, Shanghai and kwanzhou 北,上,广represent only a small part of China.

The return of the cooperative is an attempt to better serve this underserved population.

Since China already provided water, electricity, roads, railroad and broadband to this population, China is now embarking on including this population in a nationwide market where this population will be better served by products and opportunities in exporting their products to the national market. This is a key part in enlarging the domestic market in the dual circulation strategy in reducing reliance on exports in the future to the west.

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