Why Chinese-Americans will not affect US election results?

Why Chinese-Americans will not affect US election results? 為什麼美藉中國人不會影響美國大選結果? by Johnson Choi, Nov 7 2023

If the Chinese want to gain political success in US, they must learn from the Japanese-Americans in Hawaii. Since Hawaii became the 50th state in the United States in 1959, Japanese-American voted 80% only for the Democratic Party, followed by people with Japanese surnames.

What’s the benefit of doing this?

1) US elections are usually won by 2-5% of the votes, when 80% Japanese-Americans block votes for one party or one candidate can guarantee victory

2) Make a request to the candidate before the election, and only after agreeing to give him 80% of the Japanese-Americans block votes on Election Day

3) So what if the candidate promises but doesn’t do it after winning the election, don’t be afraid, if he doesn’t keep his promises, he will be finished, his political life in Hawaii will be finished for the rest of his life

4) How did the Chinese people react in Hawaii when they were told of the Japanese-Americans winning formula? The Chinese have special characters, I voted who I want, don’t tell me what to do! What did the Chinese in Hawaii do? 50% voted for the Republican Party, 50% voted for the Democratic Party, the votes cancelled each others out is equivalent to not voting. So the Chinese have achieved nothing in the political world in Hawaii (except the wealthy understood US’s corrupt “pay to play” political games) for 50 years. Only watching the Japanese control the political and business world in Hawaii, Sad isn’t it.

If Chinese-Americans really have such a superior character, don’t blame for being suppressed for a long time in the United States. They are asking for it.

The so-called democracy or election every two years in the United States is actually a show to let the people vent their anger.

Republicans and Democrats are like Mafia and Triad. They are special interest groups!

Since they are special interest groups, of course, as a voter, I hope that the elected special interest group is my friend and let the money flow into my pocket instead of his pocket. This simple truth should be easy to understand.

That is why Japanese-American in Hawaii saw the fake democracy in the United States used it as a tool to generate money and securing political power. And in Hawaii, no one dared to criticize Japanese-Americans just like no one dared to criticize Jewish-Americans in the continental United States.

如果華人想成功就要向夏威夷的美藉日本人學習, 自從1959年夏威夷成為美國第五十州, 美藉日本人把80%的選票祇投給民主黨其次是日本人姓士的人.

1) 美國選舉通常是以2-5%的票勝選, 當把80%投給一個黨或一個候選人可以保證勝利
2) 選前向參選者提出要求, 答應後才在選舉日把80%的選票投給他
3) 那麼候選人答應但勝選後不做怎麼辦, 不用怕, 不次選舉他一定玩完, 他一生一世在夏威夷政治生命玩完
4) 中國人在夏威夷的反應如何? 中國人特別有性格, 我投我的, 不要管我, 結果是怎樣呢? 百分五十投共和黨, 百分五十投民主黨, 得個吉字, 等同沒有投票一樣, 所以五十年來華人在政界一事無成. 祇有眼光光看著日本人控制政商界. 可悲.




既然是利益集團那麼作為一名選民當然希望當選的利益集團是我的朋友讓財源滾滾來到我的口袋而不是他的口袋, 這個簡單道理應該是容易明白.

那就是在夏威夷的美藉日本人看通看準美國的假民主利用它作為生財權力工具. 而且在夏威夷誰敢說日本人一句不是就像在美國大陸誰敢說猶太人一句不是一樣.

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