recommendations on US-China irreversible Decoupling

Highlights of Larry Yu recommendations on US-China irreversible Decoupling video: 對美中不可逆轉的脫鉤視頻的建議亮點. 中美脫勾,不再是幻想 嘉賓:財經政論家余錦光

Current US-China competition, one need to understand AngloSaxon characteristics last 1,000 years. Unlike China, the only thing AngloSaxon know is brutal force. Every place they went becomes killing fields treating Peoples of Color as non-humans. That behavior has not changed a bit today.

President Jefferson’s boots was make from the skulls skins of Native Americans. US don’t treat them as human beings.

Even Chinese outside US are unloading some of the US$. If a major conflict occurred between US & China, all the US dollars holdings by Chinese will be frozen.

For US$100,000, Chinese living in the AngloSaxon world should consider buying a home in China Greater Bay Areas. You might consider that as a safe house.

Chinese should also feel shame of themselves, consuming all the energy fighting among themselves.






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