US launched cultural revolution and reenactment of 1882 Chinese Exclusion Acts

US launched cultural revolution and reenactment of 1882 Chinese Exclusion Acts does not seems to work and not working as planned 美國發動文化大革命, 重新制定1882年排華法案好像沒有成功也不可能成功 By Johnson Choi, Nov 8 2022

US Citizenship and Permanent Residents are now required to obtain US Gov’t approval to work for Chinese Companies.

US computer chips companies are not allowed to sell their products to Chinese companies.

US Chinese Scientists are not allowed to work on joined projects with Chinese Universities.

US is allocating US$300 millions per year for the next 5 years to promote fake news propaganda to demonize China.

US racist politicians are attacking Chinese Americans promoting hate crimes in the name of homeland security.

Why is US getting so desperate?

US using fake democracy, human rights, freedom and rules of law to demonize China not working around the world.

US political and economic systems catered to only 2% elites is bankrupt unable to compete with China.

China to overtakes Japan will be the world’s largest automobiles exporter by 2023.

China is already the world’s largest electrical vehicle producer and exporter.

China will be the only country with the modern space station by 2024.

China is the largest economy in the world since 2014 using PPP (Purchasing Price Parity).

China advance weaponry including aircraft carriers sinking missiles pushed US Naval Battle Groups 2,000 miles away from China coast made military containing China difficult.

China is opening up for business. Whereas US can no longer compete shutting down its borders for self preservation.

China is leading de-dollarization.

Chinese Yuan will partially replaced petrodollars in the Middle East.

Chinese Belts and Roads, BRICS, Shanghai Organization, APAC and etc are challenging US hegemony and winning.

China promoting common prosperity for mankind strongly opposed by US catered only to the elites AngloSaxon.




美國在未來5年每年撥出 3 億美元用於宣傳假新聞以妖魔化中國。



美國利用虛假的民主, 人權、自由和法治來妖魔化中國在世界範圍內賊喊捉賊再起不到多大作用。


到 2023 年,中國將超過日本成為全球最大的汽車出口國。



自 2014 年以來,中國是世界上最大的經濟體,使用 PPP計算(採購價格平價)。

中國先進的武器裝備,包括專門用來擊沉美國航母的導彈,將美國航母海軍戰鬥群推離中國海岸 2000 英里外, 使軍事遏制中國變得困難。

中國正在對外開放。鑑於美國無法再和世界各地競爭, 美國關閉邊境以進行自我保護。



中國的 “一帶一路”、金磚國家、上海組織、亞太經濟地區等都在挑戰美國的霸權並取得勝利。

中國推動人類命運共同體, 美國強烈反對 只迎合白人精英。

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