Video: How to pick a good label for China? What is democracy?

Video: How to pick a good label for China? What is democracy? 時事觀察 第2節—霍詠強:怎樣為中國挑一個好標籤? 什麼是民主?

When it comes to China, it is always connected to traditional Chinese culture. Tradition is old? Chinese culture and humanistic consciousness do need to be modernized, but before that, China should have a proper and good label!

From a Chinese girl’s description of her hometown, Mr. Liang mentioned the issue of the modernization of Chinese culture. Why do Chinese girls distort the appearance of China? The American media monopolizes 90% of the media content in the United States and 80% of the international news content in the Western world. The smearing and suppression in recent years has naturally caused the Chinese to distort China’s image. If you look at the major developed countries, such as Germany, Japan, Italy, France, there are different positive images. Although China has a long history and culture, but traditional Chinese culture is inevitably reminiscent of “old-fashioned”? Should China establish a proper and good label?

The Democracy Perception Index, run by Denmark’s Alliance of Democracies and investigative agency Latana, may offer some ideas. The survey is developed every year by randomly sampling more than 50,000 respondents from 53 countries around the world. In addition to the main question asking respondents to answer whether they think their country is democratic, it also asks about major countries and organizations: China, the United States, and the United States. , Europe, Russia, and the United Nations, China is of course higher than Russia, but the net ratio is -2%, far lower than the EU and the United States. This effect is naturally due to the long-term smearing of foreign media.

However, out of 53 countries, China ranks first among the 53 countries whose people believe that “their country is democratic”, with 83% of Chinese respondents thinking that China is a democratic country. Whether China is democratic or not, the Chinese people have given the clearest answer in the polls of the Western camp. Other countries such as Vietnam 77%, Denmark 70%, the United States 49%, the United Kingdom 61%, Japan 53%, Venezuela 24%, Iran 25%. Numbers have their reasons, but combined with other data, it is more interesting, such as:

Freedom to express political opinions: 18%, and freedom of choice: 19%, both of which are relatively low, and China’s figures are also low, but they are supported by the people without hindrance. In addition:
Nigeria: 38% Freedom of expression: 40%
Venezuela: 24% Free choice lead: 46%

Fully reflect, is there freedom of expression and speech? And whether there are votes, votes to choose leaders, and whether the country is democratic? Whether the people agree with the degree of democracy in the country is irrelevant!

Or, from the perspective of the people, combined with the reality, we can set a label for China: China respects traditional culture, values ​​collective interests, and is the most rational and pragmatic country.



丹麥的Alliance of Democracies和調查機構Latana所辦的「民主觀感指數」或許提供了一些想法。調查每年在全球53個國家隨機抽樣共5萬多名受訪者而制定,除了主要問題是要求受訪者回答他們認為自己的國家是否民主外,還問及對主要國家和組織:中、美、歐、俄、和聯合國的態度,中國當然高於俄羅斯,但淨比例-2%,遠低於歐盟、美國。這種效果自然拜外媒長期抹黑所致。

尼日利亞:38% 自由表達政見:40%
委內瑞拉:24% 自由選擇領䄂:46%


或者,從人民的看法,結合現實情況, 我們可以為中國定下一個標籤:中國尊重傳統文化、重視集體利益、是最理智務實的國家。

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