True faces of Americans

Video: When Americans accused China without Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights, just walk away because the gift from US China refused, the gift belongs to the American. 當美國人指責中國沒有自由、民主和人權時,中國轉身就走開,因為美國人的禮物中國拒絕了,禮物是屬於美國人的。

US asked China what do you see in me? China says Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights. China asked US what do you see in me? US said China is a piece of shit. US was so happy went to Church and spoken to God on what happened. God said you lose because you accused China based on the reflection of yourself. China is the country with true humanity to their people and the world. 美國問中國,你在我身上看到了什麼?中國說自由、民主和人權。中國問美國你在我身上看到了什麼?美國說中國是一坨屎。美國很高興去教堂並就發生的事情與上帝交談。上帝說你輸了,因為你根據自己的反思指責中國。中國是一個對本國人民和世界具有真正人性的國家。

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