Drastically decreased of Chinese politicians got elected in San Francisco

Drastically decreased of Chinese politicians got elected in San Francisco. Chinese-Americans votes, let’s look at the numbers 華裔政客在舊金山當選人數大幅減少. 美國華裔投票,看數字. By Johnson Choi, Nov 18 2022

Chinese-American voters accounted for 2%, 58% voted for the Democratic Party, and 42% voted for the Republican Party. After the cancellation out votes, net 16% of the 2% went to the Democratic Party was only .32%.

Let’s us use one million votes as an example, 2% is 20,000 votes, 58% votes Democrat or 11,600 votes, 48% votes Republican or 8,400 votes, after cancellation out, Democrats get only 3,200 votes or .32%.

Most elections are decided by 2-5%. In some cities in the US like San Francisco, Chinese-Americans accounts for 20% of the population. If we use the Japanese-Americans winning formula in Hawaii last 50 years, 80% of the votes go to one political party, then the Chinese can control the politics of San Francisco. Unfortunately What’s wrong is that the Chinese are not united, splitting the votes, and can’t play pivotal role like the Japanese-Americans in Hawaii as a kingmaker in politics.

If you are not kingmakers, you have no say in American politics. All you have done is a cheerleader.

美藉華人佔2%, 58% 投民主黨, 42%投共和黨, 扺消後民主黨實得2%中的 16% 即是 .32%.

如果用一百萬票為例, 2%是 20,000票, 58%投民主黨即11,600票, 48% 投共和黨即8,400票, 民主黨實得 3,200 票 或 .32%.

大部分選舉是以2-5%決定勝負. 美國有些城市像舊金山華人佔人口20%, 如果可以像夏威夷的日本人把80%選票全部投給一個政黨, 那麼華人可以完成控制舊金山的政治. 不幸的是華人不團結, 分化票房, 在政治方面做不到像夏威夷的日本人成為造王者有舉足輕重的作用.

如果美國華人不是造王者, 你在美國政治中沒有發言權. 你所做的只是一個啦啦隊長吧!

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