Malcolm Clarke Videos: Hong Kong Returns – The Covered Truth

Malcolm Clarke Videos: Hong Kong Returns – The Covered Truth 香港回來了- 被掩蓋的真相

In 2019, thugs wreaked havoc in various districts of Hong Kong, and various illegal acts continued to break through the bottom line of morality and law, casting a shadow over the internationally renowned “Pearl of the Orient”. Oscar-winning director Malcolm Clarke was in Hong Kong at the time. Like media reporters from all over the world, he led a filming team to record the conflict. Three years later, he edited what he saw and heard into a ten-part documentary titled “Hong Kong: The Covered Truth”.

二○一九年,暴徒在全港各區大肆破壞,種種違法行徑不斷突破道德和法律底線,讓享譽國際的「東方之珠」蒙上陰影。奧斯卡得獎導演柯文思(Malcolm Clarke)當時正身處香港,與各地媒體記者一樣,他帶着拍攝團隊記錄衝突場面。三年後,他把所見所聞剪輯成十集紀錄片,名為《香港:被掩蓋的真相》。

Episode 1 第一集~香港人走上街頭 Hong Kong People go to the streets

Episode 2 第二集~英殖遺留問題 English Colonial past problems left behind

Episode 3 第三集~激進的少數派 Radical Minorities

Episode 4 第四集~越界 Crossing the lines

Episode 5 第五集~黃藍撕裂 Yellow & Blue Confrontation

Episode 6 第六集~失控的街頭 Lost Control on the Street Front

Episode 7 第七集~外國勢力干預? Foreign Power Interferences

Episode 8 第八集~有沒有大台?Any Big Stages

Episode 9 第九集~革了誰的命?Revolution on Behalf of Who?


Episode 10 第十集~改變了什麼? What has changed?

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