Video: The bombing incident on the Polish-Ukrainian border reflects that the road to peace talks is full of dangers

Singtao Newspaper Yu Fei video with English Transcripts: The bombing incident on the Polish-Ukrainian border reflects that the road to peace talks is full of dangers 星電視快評 – 余非:波烏邊境導彈爆炸事件,反映尋求和談之路滿佈凶險

This episode quickly reviews the November 15th missile bombing in Poland. From the day of the explosion to the 16th of the next day, the world rode a roller coaster of terror. How dangerous is this? The whole world, especially the people of Europe, seemed to be circling on the edge of a cliff, and fell into the abyss if they were not careful. It was good luck not to fall.

The missile explosion on the Polish-Ukrainian border was old news a few days ago. There have been many reports on the incident. The basic fact is that two Poles were killed, and the debris reflected a Russian-made missile. The quick review of this episode focuses on some key points in the fermentation process of the incident.

The missile explosion occurred on the afternoon of November 15th, European time. The afternoon in Europe is the night in Asia, and even the early morning of November 16th. There is a six or seven hour difference between Poland and Asia.

Based on various reports, after the incident, Polish President Duda immediately had phone calls with the leaders of the United States, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and NATO. That is to say, after a busy round on the 15th, Biden, who had a conversation with Xi Jinping for more than three hours, had to take over a hot bomb thrown by Poland that night, not a hot potato.

First, pay attention to a premise that the missile landed in Poland below the Polish-Ukrainian border; it was not inland where Poland is farther away from Ukraine. And what Polish President Duda did immediately: first, he immediately called the Secretary-General of the United States, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and NATO to raise the tone to a very high level; Several meetings, and more importantly, Poland immediately raised the combat readiness level of its military units, pulling Poland to a state of readiness as if it was ready to go to war; third, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately summoned the Russian ambassador to Poland. ——The above is the real-time operation in Poland.

Audience friends, Poland and Ukraine are well aware that Ukraine still has a certain amount of Soviet-made ammunition; the meaning of whether the missile fragments are Russian-made or Soviet-made is completely different! The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately summoned the Russian ambassador to Poland and asked for an explanation. Although this action was justified, it was like cleverly providing ammunition for the anti-Russian countries and the world media. “. Anti-Russian rhetoric was indeed immediately expressed in the Baltic and some Central European countries. On the night of the 15th, NATO also immediately stated that it would hold an emergency meeting. Because as a NATO member Poland, if it is attacked by Russia, NATO will go to war against Russia.

On the night of the 15th, people across Europe walked in circles on the edge of the cliff. Once NATO and Russia-hating European countries, especially those in the Baltic region with military strength, find an excuse to intervene, the scale of the war in Europe will certainly not be the scale of the current Russia-Ukraine war. It’s really hard for me to read this as normal international news. The operation in it, different countries have their own ghosts, thinking about it is also full of dangers, and it is extremely scary to think about it carefully!

In the more than ten hours after the explosion on the afternoon of the 15th, the “big bosses” of the United States, Britain, and NATO should have a busy round. On the evening of the 15th in Europe, Polish President Duda changed his tone from the height of preparations for war, and instead emphasized that there is no evidence to prove which side launched the missile. The Prime Minister also said: The media should not release unverified information.

By dawn in Asia, on the morning of the 16th, Biden convened an emergency meeting of the G7, which included the heads of NATO. Biden’s key final word on the day was: Judging from the missile trajectory, it is unlikely that it was launched from Russia! Thus, the claim that Russia was responsible only burned for a few hours in Europe. On the 16th, a more astonishing development was claimed by the United States: the missile was launched by Ukraine! Of course, National Security Advisor Sullivan and others added an excuse for Ukraine, saying that the air defense system triggered by intercepting Russian missiles accidentally fired and bombed the Polish border by mistake. However, some European countries who took the opportunity to make a fuss followed Sullivan’s excuse and hyped to set up a no-fly zone in Ukraine. You must know that the establishment of a no-fly zone is also military intervention.

The above are the main points of the content of the event, and the following is my analysis.

The first point is that Biden’s final word is not to help Russia out of the trap. My current affairs observation on Monday has analyzed that because the United States has exceeded its mission, the United States is currently blowing the wind that suggests seeking peace talks. The United States wants to see it and pay it. In particular, we must consider the presidential election two years later, and we must not be dragged into the quagmire by the war. Further expansion of the Russo-Ukraine war is harmful to the United States. Therefore, the United States will expose that Russia did not do it. However, in various speeches made by the United States on the 16th, it still emphasized the need to provide military assistance to Ukraine. That is, the Biden administration must work hard to maintain and limit the battlefield within Ukraine. It is not an option for the Biden administration to spread to Poland, or even to directly end the United States and NATO.

The second point is that after Biden made his final decision on the morning of the 16th, Poland, which initially asked Russia to explain, has completely changed its words. On the 16th, it also told the media: “Last night” two missiles hit a village on the Polish border, ” Very likely” was from Ukraine. However, according to various indications, it was not a deliberate attack. Will everyone be suspicious? It is impossible for the Polish military that was attacked to have the information that night about the missile track that Biden said. As I said earlier, the United States and Poland have a lot of military cooperation, and even Poland does not need to join the German-led Sky Shield, because it will conduct air defense cooperation with the United States alone.

My analysis is that Ukraine fired missiles. Will there be some kind of tacit understanding between Poland and Ukraine? ——I don’t mean “collusion”, but “tacit understanding”. It doesn’t necessarily mean that being attacked by Ukraine intentionally is a bitter trick, but is there some kind of trickery after a mistaken shot?

In the current Russian-Ukrainian war, many reports mentioned that a large number of Polish soldiers participated in it. Some estimates even say that Poland has sent no less than 20,000 mercenaries. And obviously, if the war turns to a negotiated approach, Poland will not get the fat he wants. As early as more than four months after the start of the war, in the first ten days of the 7th, Zelensky submitted to Congress a draft law giving Poland a “special status”; the full name of the bill is “Law and Social Security for Polish Citizens Living in Ukraine”. The bill grants Poles legal residence in Ukraine for 18 months, during which they can enjoy the rights to work, education, and medical security; they can even test for Ukrainian civil servant qualifications. There was no further report on whether Zelensky’s bill was passed or how it would be implemented. However, analysis at that time pointed out that if implemented, it would be tantamount to merging Ukraine and Poland. And Poland has always wanted to go south and occupy part of the territory in western Ukraine that once belonged to him.

At the end of the program, I will make a few conclusions: There are two extremely dangerous “key points” in the accidental attack on the Polish border by Ukraine. The first dangerous “key point” is relatively easy to see, that is, the Zelensky regime’s misfire can be a false accusation, using the attack on NATO member states to drag NATO into the water, expanding the war and the battlefield. The second sinister “key point” is the reaction of Poland. Currently, the countries in Europe that have training bases for the Ukrainian Army include the United Kingdom and Poland. Regarding the missile explosion incident, will the Polish regime pretend to be confused (“fraudulently”), pretend not to know, or delay for a few hours to communicate the information about the missile orbit to the outside world, stealing time and inciting Russia-hating countries to make a fuss, making Poland take advantage of the fire? , Fishing in troubled waters…. Poland’s goal is “a tacit understanding” with Ukraine. Both want to pull NATO into the water and expand the war and the battlefield.

Audience friends, the road ahead of the Russia-Ukraine war before the peace talks will be even more confusing and full of risks! The parties who do not want to achieve peace talks will make the final struggle, and they can make wind and rain as they please. On the afternoon of November 15th, the people of Europe really seemed to be turning a circle on the edge of a cliff.

For its own benefit, the United States has opened Pandora’s box in Europe. Now the United States can retreat completely, but all the demons and ghosts that have been released will find what they need in the still chaotic situation.


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