US Searching for Asia’s “Zelensky”

Anti-China Protests in Thailand video: Who is Behind them & Why? US Searching for Asia’s “Zelensky” “The Comedian”. Let’s look back at US racist history and crimes against humanity since before 1776: eliminated 90% of Native Americans populations through ethnic cleansing, brought in African Slaves, 1882 Chinese Exclusion Acts (till today), African-American US President Obama (supported by all latter US Presidents) said Chinese does not deserve a good life want to send China back to the Stone Age. All of the above is supported and legitimized by the US Constitution in the name of (fake) Freedom Democracy Human Rights and Rules of Law, the US rule based order that if you want to live must follow otherwise ends up like Iran, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Palestine…sent 10s of millions of refugees to Europe…ongoing regime change attempts at Thailand, Myanmar, Russia, China…destroying Europe through proxy war against Russia in Ukraine by cutting off cheap Russia energy supplies forcing them to buy it 4x more from US to make America Great Again…and the list goes on. When you have a friend like US, who needs enemies
泰國反華抗議活動視頻:誰在背後支持?為什麼?美國尋找亞洲的“澤倫斯基”“喜劇演員”。讓我們回顧一下美國自1776年以來的種族主義歷史和反人類罪 1)通過種族清洗消滅了90%的美洲原住民人口,引進非洲奴隸,1882年的排華法案(至今),非裔美國總統奧巴馬(所有後來的美國總統也支持) 都說中國人不配過上好日子想把中國送回石器時代。以上所有內容都得到美國憲法的支持並以(假)自由民主人權和法治的名義合法化,美國基於規則的秩序如果你想生存就必須遵守,否則最終會像伊朗、伊拉克、利比亞, 阿富汗,敘利亞,也門,巴勒斯坦的下場……將數以百萬計的難民送往歐洲的禮物……泰國,緬甸,俄羅斯,中國正在進行政權更迭……通過切斷廉價的俄羅斯能源供應迫使歐盟從美國購買石油天然氣高達四倍的價錢, 讓美國再次偉大……這樣的例子不勝枚舉。當你有像美國這樣的朋友你還需要敵人嗎?

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