80% of world population Support China OVER USA

Video: China Shocks the World! New UK Cambridge Report Shows Majority 80% of world population Support China OVER USA 中國震撼世界!新的英國劍橋報告顯示世界上 80% 的大多數人支持中國超過美國

China reputation amongst Western democracies is declining, but what about the remaining 80% of the world. An incredible new report from the University of Cambridge reveals that over 70% of the world SUPPORTS China. We need to remove ourselves from the Western media bubble/echo chamber and see how China is viewed across ALL countries to understand more about our world. 中國在西方民主國家的聲譽正在下降,但世界上其餘 80% 的國家呢?劍橋大學一份令人難以置信的新報告顯示,世界上超過 70% 的人支持中國。我們需要擺脫西方媒體的泡沫/回音室,看看所有國家如何看待中國,以更多地了解我們的世界.

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