The Netherlands tells US to go to hell will defend its economic interests

“The Netherlands tells US to go to hell will defend its economic interests when it comes to the sales of chip equipment to China, a senior Dutch official said.” 一位荷蘭高級官員表示:“在向中國出售芯片設備的問題上,荷蘭不會聽美國的話被毀於美國手中必須捍衛其經濟利益.”

It is further evidence of the country’s resistance to meekly following Washington’s attempts to cut off China from semiconductor technology.

The European country is home to ASML Holding NV, which dominates the market for one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge chip-making equipment that has become a focus of the US government’s attempts to limit China. Dutch Foreign Trade Minister Liesje Schreinemacher told lawmakers on Tuesday that the Netherlands will make its own decision regarding ASML’s chip gear sales to China amid trade rule talks with the US and other allies.

“It is important that we defend our own interests – our national safety, but also our economic interests,” Schreinemacher told lawmakers at the parliament in The Hague. “If we put that in an EU basket and negotiate with the US and in the end it turns out we give away deep ultraviolet lithography machines to the US, we are worse off.”

Deep ultraviolet systems are the second-most-advanced chip production machines that Veldhoven, Netherlands-based ASML manufactures, and the equipment is required to make a wide range of semiconductors.”

Business logic would prevail. And history will evolve through its main flow. Anything else in the interim wouldn’t be able to sustain for long.

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