Taiwan reporting on China’s protests, unlike Western Medias relatively unbiased, the concerns worth noting

Taiwan News Media Report video: The reporting on China’s protests, unlike Western Medias relatively unbiased, the concerns worth noting.


僅供參考。分析很客觀,但,國內的事件,不容忽視。20條已經出臺,地方上的執行,還是: 政策,對策的局面。最底層的小白,大白,衹是依照指令,刻板執行,該問責相關負責人了。

China protests twisted by western medias in an afford to demonize China on her successful COVID19 policy 中國國內抗議被西方媒體扭曲,以妖魔化中國成功的新冠病毒政策


The Western media and various commentators on Chinese social media assert that barricades set up due to lockdowns prevented firefighters from reaching the building in time. But these claims are contradicted by the fact that the obstructing bollards—vertical posts that serve as traffic barriers—were erected years before the pandemic. Claims that residents were not allowed to evacuate are also contradicted by videos showing residents fleeing the building. Moreover, the district where the fire took place was not under a strict lockdown at the time.

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