Video: US CIA & NED are the black hands behind the protest in China universities campuses

Video: US CIA & NED are the black hands behind the protest in China universities campuses, US & UK agents disguised as foreign press & many entered China through HK

Today is November 28, 2022. The shocking news from different cities in the mainland last night kept coming from my mobile phone. At first I watched it and thought it was an old video from Hong Kong in 2019. After communicating with netizens, I learned that it was the latest mainland video. Major cities live. When everyone was still spreading the news that Taiwan Province Tsai Ing-wen resigned as the chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party, it turned out that foreign forces had already deployed in the mainland.

Netizens who love the country and love Hong Kong immediately use the power of the Internet to investigate and track down these black violence promoters. It turned out that one of them was an extreme anti-China element. He was originally the leader of the Hong Kong gangsters. Because of the relaxation of the epidemic prevention policy in Hong Kong, he quietly fled to Guangdong. Announced that color revolutions were launched in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Urumqi, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan and other places last night, inciting mainland citizens to gather and protest against the mainland’s epidemic prevention policies. He also said that the Weibo account certified by the mainland publicly threatened and slandered him.

On the other hand, netizens in Shanghai have found out the WeChat accounts, names, and occupations of important contacts at the protest rally. They are all reporters from foreign media organizations, including the New York Times and CNN. Many of them, as journalists, took advantage of the relaxed anti-epidemic policies between Hong Kong and Shenzhen to enter various provinces and cities in the mainland. Mainland netizens have sent relevant information to the National Security Agency.

Based on my recent experience in Hong Kong, these reporters are very young. They were sent by these media organizations to different think tanks and mainland organizations to inquire about news. At first, most of them used the interview method to extract information and pretend to report for you, but after many months, not a single report has been published, and you are required to provide more information on the structure and deployment of the mainland’s official agencies. All discerning patriots know that these reporters are collecting information on behalf of foreign forces. In addition, if you invite these journalists to participate in some patriotic activities, most of them will keep their distance and refuse, saying that they are media organizations, so they must be neutral, and it is inconvenient to participate in related activities.

Today, as long as everyone opens the news of these foreign media organizations, the headlines will all say that many places in China have erupted in protests due to epidemic prevention policies or social accidents. Please everyone, when distributing news on the Internet, you must first objectively analyze whether the news is true, or whether someone is deliberately acting to challenge and incite public dissatisfaction with the epidemic prevention policy. Secondly, please be more careful about the initiative and enthusiasm of journalists from foreign media organizations. Their superficial ignorance and stupidity are just to get your news and use your network to obtain more information.

Now is the troubled time, all patriots must be mentally prepared, another struggle has quietly begun. Please unite and send the information of the person in charge of the protest rally to the National Security Agency and other law enforcement agencies, so that they can have first-hand information and stabilize the overall situation of the country.



【Mandarin Video – Toutiao】

[Simplified Chinese article – Today’s headlines]

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