Godfather of Japanese chips joins Chinese companies

English Video: US & S Korea destroyed him & his companies, Godfather of Japanese chips joins Chinese companies. What can he bring to China? 美韓毀了他和他的公司,日本芯片教父加入中國公司。 他能給中國帶來什麼?

The following are comments by a friend in high technology in San Francisco:

This destroy of Japan’s Elpida and Japan’s semiconductor industry in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s is the same as the France Alstrom and others. The United $nakes Capitalist Regime Moda Operandi is to use the U.S. regime power (government, military, $) to destroy any economic power entities and then have the American companies ($capital) to swoop in to buy off damaged entities (Alstrom, Elpida) like a vulture for pennies on the dollar to become monopolies. The capitalists use the tax-payer supported U.S. Regime to expand capital and rob wealth. This is Capitalism.

I used Micron’s small capacity memory chips in the 90’s. Then, almost overnight, I was using large capacity Micron DRAM memory chips. I had always wondered how a U.S. memory company in Utah or Idaho could literally overnight started producing advance chips. Now I know why. Basically, the U.S. stole the Japanese DRAM technology.

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