News on logsitcis, economy, energy, covid protests and more.

News on logsitcis, economy, energy, covid protests and more. 關於物流、經濟、能源、新冠病毒等的新聞 Dec 1 2022

1.    #seafreight
The container shipping industry has stopped thinking about how much money it can make. Rather, people are thinking about how quickly profits can fall. According to Alphaliner, shipping line profits could fall sharply in Q4.

  1. MSC Enters the airfreight market. MCS has taken delivery of its first aircraft – a B777-200. This freighter will fly on routes to China, the U.S., Mexico, and Europe. MSC begins a long-term investment in air transport!
  2. amazon warehouses, why so full? In the shipping off-season, Amazon’s warehouses are so full mainly because sales are not as good as expected.
  3. Europe, #energy.
    Qatar will start supplying gas to Germany in 2026, about 2 million tons annually. Europe will probably survive the winter, 94.6% of EU gas storage is full now, but the price is not low.
  4. Europe, the #drivers have no work?
    Some news say that drivers in Europe are starting to look for goods to transport. We all know that there is a general shortage of drivers in Europe, so the volume of goods must fall so much that drivers lose their jobs. The worst thing is that because of the high costs caused by oil prices and inflation, the transport companies cannot lower prices as they used to.
  5. china -#kazakhstan , improving trade and logistics. China and Kazakhstan aim to increase trade volume to $35 billion by 2030. They have talked about launching new projects in the oil and gas and machinery sectors, developing rail freight, and improving the efficiency of border crossings at road ports.
  6. China-#Russia, #transportation .
    Transportation from China to Russia has long been congested, and sea freight from China to Russia can take up to 60 days, with some cargoes having to wait up to 30 days at ports in the Far East to be unloaded. Crossing the border via Manzhouli to Zabaykalsk can take up to 10 days. The congestion certainly leads to an increase in prices. A 20ft container from China to the Far East port is estimated to cost $5,000. The price for rail transport is 20% higher and that for road transport is 30% higher.
  7. No #swift – Russia and China intend to create an international settlement system that does not use SWIFT.
  8. How it will be in 2023?
    The WTO expects growth of 1.0% in 2023, down sharply from the previous estimate of 3.4% in April. However, the automotive industry will show promising growth. GDP growth rate of Poland is expected be only 1.7%.
  9. #Protests in China against the #covid19 policy have resulted in loosening restrictions in many places, e.g., fewer tests are required or there are fewer high-risk regions.

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