Video: China beats SpaceX

Video: China beats SpaceX. You may know Beidou satellite, but you must not know Hongyan 中國擊敗了 SpaceX。 你可能知道北斗衛星,但你一定不知道鴻雁

China is about to build a satellite system that is even more powerful than Starlink project. It is the Hongyan constellation. This constellation will consist of hundreds of small communication satellites, which can provide mobile Internet data connectivity for the world.

So, is Hongyan Constellation really more powerful than the Starlink project? Can it break Musk’s space hegemony? How long will it take to complete this project? What can it bring to China?

中國即將建設一個比星鏈項目還要強大的衛星系統。 正是鴻雁星座。 該星座將由數百顆小型通信衛星組成,可為全球提供移動互聯網數據連接。

那麼,鴻雁星座真的比星鏈計劃更厲害嗎? 能否打破馬斯克的太空霸權? 完成這個項目需要多長時間? 它能給中國帶來什麼?

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