Malaysian MH370

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Remembering the plane (Malaysian MH370) that had vanished? Former pilot Otto shares with us his personal thoughts. (Otto had the opportunity of meeting thé pilot of the vanished plane on occasions). Thank you Otto!

« The MH370, yes very strange what happened, I worked on the case in China, but came up with blank.
One thing I can say is, that none of the theories in the video clip at plausible.
1 – The Canadian pilot with fire, the plane would not made 180, the turn north, then west, then south, and 1000% the transponder would not have been switched off, nor would the ACARS.

The plane would have followed the rute enteret into the FMS ( Flight Management SYSTEM ) and that would not mean 180 degree turn and then a northly heading, then a westerly heading, then south, secondly if it was a fire why no mayday call, or the transponder should have switched to 7700 which i emergency and would show up i air-traffic as mayday aircraft, and the plane would not have stayed in the air 7 hours.

2 – Well the hijacking is possible, but not remote, it is possible some hijacker entered the flight deck and switched of the transporter and ACARS, re programmed the FMS

You might think it is impossible to enter the flight deck, but it is not, first class row 1 can see the cockpit, the Captain always liked to go out and chat to the cabin crew girls, OK a picture of his little daughter , asking him if he know who it is? Then if you want to see her again, let me in to the flight deck and ? Well If it was me I would also corporate, so we don’t know?

3 Suicide, absolutely NOT, I used to fly to KL from Xiamen, and some times I would meet Captain Ahmed as he was called, know a little about him, and NO, 100% not, just think I want to commit suicide, and then first disable all the planes identification systems, then turn the plane 180, and then drop down to under 3000 ft ( over the Maldives ) then no idea what altitude it took from there if it was the MH370, OK then he would fly about 7 hours to commit suicide waiting for the plane to run out of gas, knowing if crashed on the ocean there would be debries and bodies everywhere, sounds possible? Not really.

The plane had 49 tons of fuel onboard, burning, depending on the altitude which we dont know, a little less than 7 tons pr hour, not including taxi and take off, so could be 7.30 hours total, then he fly 55 min out to the Thai Strait then back, one over two hours, so now he only have about 5 hours of fuel . and under normal condition at 35000 ft he would do in km/h about 880 so a little over 4400 km range, but no one really know where it went.

One thing which have been on my mind since day one, is, a the transponder was off no one would be able to identify the plane, and on military radar could easy look as a F16 or other military plane, they can not see the size of the plane on radar only the speed and direction, so my question is ? Why Thailand, Malaysia did not send fighters to intercept this unidentified plane, which could be hostile? After two days searching in the Thai Strait Malaysia said, oh we spotted e unidentified plane flying over Penang, wow 2 days, to come forward.

One thing I can say, it is not on the bottom of the sea, and how the flaperon found on Union, also a little strange, the flaperon is not controlled by the pilot, ot is automatic, and during landing it is normally up whereas the flaps are fully deployed and as the flaps are way bigger than the falperon, I also find it strange it was only that which came of during a sea ditching, which would have gone terrible wrong, and the plane would have broke up, (The Hudson river was calm at the time) unless the flaps would be found later.

My own thought is that, at the time there where US Thai military drills in the area, although not confirmed it was at this time, perhaps shoot down by accident by the US or Thai airforce, in the past few have suffered that faith in other parts of the world. So please give me a silver hat I deserve it, so many unanswered questions, why was all search and rescue called off in the Thai Strait and pointed sout to the Indian Ocean ?

The two senenarious fire and suicide NOT plausible, accoudning to friend of Captain Ahmed he had his flight simulator at least 4 years, so he would spend 4 years to plan his suicide? NO stupid to even think that, he was an very hornable guy like woman a lot loved to flirt, (don’t we all) , then, had a lovely little daughter which like me loving my daughter he loved her more than anything in the world, he would never dream about leaving her like this. »

-Otto Nielsen, December 5, 2022

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