Choi’s family exhortation

I may not be a perfect father. But my son follows Choi’s family exhortation passed down from my grandfather to my father and I (all born and raised in HK) to him that all Choi family members were taught at very young age must finish a minimum of a bachelor degree to complete in no more than 4 years, after college or age 22, they must leave the parents home, all financial support stopped, that means they better studied a college degree that can find job.

My son lives up to and beyond expectations. Without $1 from his parents, at age 39, he already owned multi-real estates in Hawaii worth more than 2 millions.

The picture is my son Jonathan, his wife Annie, 3 sons – Kayden (July 14th), twins – Arty & Brady born on China National Day, Oct 1st

我可能不是一個完美的父親。 但是我兒子聽從了 蔡家族的訓言, 從幼兒教育開始, 從我祖父傳給我父親,我傳給我兒子, 我們三代都是香港土生土長的中國人. 所有蔡家族成員必須在不超過 4 年的時間內完成學士學位,大學畢業或 22 歲之後,他們必須離開 父母家裡,所有的經濟支持都停止了,沒有例外, 這意味著他們更好地學習選擇一個可以找到工作的大學學位。

我的兒子沒有辜負並超出蔡家預期。 今年他是39 歲, 他的父母沒有給他1 美元,他已經在夏威夷擁有價值超過 200 萬美元的多處房地產。

圖片是我的兒子 Jonathan 他的妻子 Annie 3 個兒子 – Kayden (7 月 14 日出生) 雙胞胎 – Arty 和 Brady 出生於中國國慶日,10 月 1 日.

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