TSMC stolen by the US

TSMC stolen by the US. “The whole thing. The doors were taken down to Arizona.” 台積電被美國偷走. “整件事. 門被拆到了亞利桑那州.”

Professor Ling-Chi Wang of UC Berkeley: Several Taiwan TV commentators are calling Dec. 7, 2022, a Tragic Day for Taiwan ( 台湾的悲哀日) because Taiwan loss its world’s most advance and valuable semiconductor industry to the U.S. under duress! It is also the day President Biden, at the TSMC transfer ceremony in Phoenix, Arizona, loudly declared that high-tech manufacturing day “has returned to the U.S.,” therefore a day of jubilation and celebration!.

Dec. 7 happens to be the Pearl Harbor Day, “a date which will live in infamy,” President Roosevelt to the nation. Should this day be considered Taiwan’s Pearl Harbor Day? We don’t know yet what is going to happen to Taiwan and to TSMC in its new home in the Arizona desert and what is going to happen to the rest of TSMC in Taiwan and other parts of the world. Speculations abound. A lot of promises were made at the ceremony. We shall see. But one thing is sure, Biden essentially declared that “What is thine is mine! There is nothing Taiwan can do to reverse TSMC’s destiny..

KJ Noh: Plus these Chinamen are taking all their water–chip manufacture is incredibly water intensive in a state that is besieged by water shortages.

It’s also incredibly polluting.

And where will they get the thousands of skilled line staff for production? The US couldn’t make windshield glass to Chinese standards. How could they make something whose tolerance and complexity is orders of magnitude higher and more difficult?

TSMC’s new plant in Arizona, USA held the first batch of machines and equipment arrival ceremony on December 6. According to Taiwan media, President Joe Biden attended the ceremony accompanied by top government officials and top executives from the corporate world, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, Micron Technology CEO Sanjay Mehrot, and Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, He also announced the “return of American manufacturing.”

TSMC also announced on the 6th that its Arizona plant has begun construction of the second phase of the project, which is expected to start production of 3-nanometer process technology in 2026. The first phase of the plant, currently under construction, is expected to begin production of the 4-nanometer process technology in 2024, with a total investment of approximately $40 billion for the two phases. Together, the two phases will produce more than 600 thousand wafers per year, with an estimated market value of more than US $40 billion for the end product. Brian Deese, director of the White House National Economic Council, told reporters that the “significant milestone” was “the largest foreign direct investment in Arizona’s history and one of the largest foreign direct investments in U.S. history.”

This “major milestone,” which the Americans joyfully celebrated, has brought to the media and people in Taiwan a lot of bitterness.

According to Taiwan’s “China News Network,” TSMC continues to expand its production capacity in the United States, and many people on the island doubt that this move will hollow out the semiconductor industry in Taiwan. Wei Zhejia, president of TSMC, responded on the 6th that he left the ecology of the Taiwan region, TSMC can not live as well as before, to say that TSMC went to the United States to hollow out the semiconductor industry in Taiwan, there is no door.

But the people on the island were devastated when they saw the news about TSMC. “The doors are gone, the doors have been taken down in Arizona,” “the whole move, without leaving the doors open” “build an extra fab in America,” Is to build a fab less in Taiwan. “” In a few years it will be called ‘US SMC’. “

Taiwan’s China Times editorial office also lamented that TSMC had been taken away by the United States.

According to the article, TSMC decided to set up a plant in America under pressure from the United States. At that time, it was a 5nm factory, and the more advanced process was still in Taiwan, but on the eve of the equipment arrival ceremony, it was reported that it would be upgraded to a 4nm factory, and soon a 3nm factory would be set up.

This makes people gradually find that something is “wrong.” At the beginning, the United States had to “support Taiwan” because it needed Taiwan’s cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing capabilities, but now it has made TSMC invest through various threats and inducements, and the most cutting-edge processes have passed. In other words, the United States does not necessarily “stand up” anymore.

The article said that the United States approach is the most offensive, taking all of TSMC’s technology, talent, and intellectual wealth in the past, like a blatant robbery. What is worse is that the DPP authorities are obedient and cooperative, and they are simply “sold and help count the money,” and care about the rights and interests of the people?

Taiwan’s “United Daily News” also published an editorial saying that TSMC is the leader of the global semiconductor industry, and its importance is needless to say. In recent years, TSMC has repeatedly been pushed into the firing line by the DPP authorities in the US-China science and technology war. These developments are disturbing. The DPP authorities lack a long-term strategy for economic development, but they continue to use TSMC as a strategic bargaining chip for external exchanges and have no intention to meet its necessary hydropower and manpower needs.

Biden claims credit for the theft of TSMC, but Trump struck the deal in 2020.

No one bashed Trump over that – just when he said he would try to get along with Russia.

Did this make you smile?

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