UCSD prof forced out

1882 Chinese Exclusion Acts is alive an well, UCSD prof forced out of his position after 30 yrs for alleged relations with China. by KJ – SF Bay Area China Group. 1882 年排華法案仍然存在,加州大學聖地亞哥分校教授因涉嫌與中國的關係而在大學工作了30 年後被迫離職

UC San Diego professor Xiang-Dong Fu alleges he has been forced out of his position after 30 years there after being investigated in connection with possible policy violations over his relationships with Chinese universities.
His attorney called the case “an example of an investigation process gone off the rails. … There’s no rational explanation except discrimination and racial profiling.”

Fu resigned effective Dec. 5, though he maintains he has never acted inappropriately or illegally.

During an investigation that began in 2019, Fu was determined to be in violation of UCSD’s “conflict of commitment” policy, which outlines limitations on foreign collaboration….
He was given a choice, he said: Resign or face a disciplinary hearing to determine whether he should be dismissed.

“I was shocked,” Fu said. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Before the NIH-prompted inquiry, no one at UCSD, including Fu’s department supervisors, had ever indicated a problem with his relationships in China, he said.

He maintained that none of his actions were inappropriate or against UCSD policy.

“Many, many other people (are) doing the same thing,” he said. “This is targeted.”

Larsen contended UCSD not only wasn’t uneasy about Fu’s past collaboration but was “happy to benefit from it.”

Larsen characterized the hearing as discriminatory against Fu, violating his rights as a faculty member in that he was never contacted to rebut or respond to any of the investigation’s findings, nor were any health sciences peers on the hearing committee, which she said is essential to the process.
Fu said his direct supervisor, department Chairman Don Cleveland, testified that Fu did not violate any policy.

Professor KJ Noh in SF: This is their guidance on COI & COC:

For more information about COC requirements, see the Academic Affairs website at https://academicaffairs.ucsd.edu/aps/reports/apm/index.html and the Health Sciences Academic Affairs website at https://medschool.ucsd.edu/vchs/faculty-academics/academic-affairs/policy-and-resources/Pages/conflict-comm.aspx.

However, their COC guidance page for Health Sciences Academic Affairs has been vanished:

LIkewise, their COC guidance on academic affairs has also been vanished.

In other words, it looks like they are trying to cover up their bllsht.


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