BBC: British are eating dog food

I think Americans are OK because US buying Russian gas and sell it to EU for profits. For natural gas we sell to EU at 4x what Russia used to sell them. We give subsidies to US industries for high gas price to drive EU companies out of business or pay EU companies to leave EU to come to America. When you have friends like US, who need enemies? 英國廣播公司: 英國人正在吃狗糧。 我認為美國人還可以不會受到影響, 因為美國購買平價俄羅斯石油並將其出售給歐盟以獲取利潤。 對於天然氣,美國以 4 倍於俄羅斯過去出售給歐盟的價格出售給歐盟。 我們為美國工業提供高油價補貼,以迫使歐盟公司倒閉或支付歐盟公司離開歐盟來到美國。 當你有美國這樣的朋友時,誰還需要敵人?

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