Video: HK’s 0-3 has to go otherwise no tourist wants to return

Video: My good friend’s thoughts (who is an engineer & major contractor) before leaving Hong Kong and returning to the United States by plane

“It’s been three years since my last visit to Hong Kong. I was looking forward to and cherishing the trip to Hong Kong. The joy is that the taste has finally returned. The wonton noodles and beef porridge are better than the abalone in America. Sadness is the complexity and I was caught off guard by the epidemic prevention test. The climax is that Hong Kong finally has a world-class museum M+, both in architecture and design. 香港的 0-3 必須取消, 否則沒有遊客願意返回. 好友離開香港坐飛機返美國前的感想: “濶别三年,香港之行好期望和珍惜。喜是味覺終於回來的云吞面和牛肉粥,比飽魚还好味!哀的是繁覆的防疫檢測,有点措手不拾。高潮是香港終於有了一間世界級的博物館M+,無論建築和設計都是超凡,是訪港節目首選。香港点滴趁後生还有腳骨力留下回憶!”

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