My bets paid off! No more 0-3, I can come home to HK

My bets paid off! I can return home, HK here I come! SCMP: Hong Kong lifts all restrictions on arrivals to city, ends ‘0+3’ regime. Arrivals from Wednesday Dec 14 2022 who test negative will no longer need an amber health code and can enter restaurants and other premises previously off limits to them 我的賭注得到了回報! 可以回家了! 南華早報:香港取消所有入境限制,結束“0+3”制度。從 2022 年 12 月 14 日星期三起抵達的測試呈陰性的人將不再需要安珀健康碼,並且可以進入以前禁止他們進入的餐廳和其他場所

New rules will also do away with scanning of QR code on app to enter citywide premises, but restaurant patrons and entrants to certain venues will still need to show jabs record 新規定還將取消掃描應用程序上的二維碼進入全市場所,但餐廳顧客和某些場所的進入者仍需要出示注射記錄

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