British Justice conducts another farcical, staged trial.

British Justice conducts another farcical, staged trial. Ann Sacoolas killed a British teenager on his bike by driving recklessly (on the wrong side of the road). 英國司法部進行了另一場鬧劇式的分階段審判。 安·薩庫拉斯魯莽駕駛殺死了一名騎自行車的英國少年 By KJ, SF Bay Area China Group, Dec 14, 2022

She then escaped from the UK to avoid trial. The British government allowed her to leave.

The US government claimed she had diplomatic immunity. She was not a diplomat. She refused to come back to face trial.

Eventually, due to the tremendous outcry, the British government had to do something.

So they tried her in absentia, and then sentenced her to a sentence with no jail time.

She pleaded “guilty” by video to this nullity, this farce, after the slap on the wrist was decided, in order to give the semblance of “justice being done”.

This is how Western Jurisprudence works: Go to the ends of the earth to prosecute the innocent (Julian Assange, MWZ); create vapid spectacles of “justice” to protect the guilty.

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