US military is above the law

US military is above the law both inside and outside US. Firefighting Foam Spilled At Hawaii’s Red Hill Before. The Navy Didn’t Notify Anyone By Christina Jedra 美國軍隊在美國境內外凌駕於法律之上。 過去消防泡沫灑在夏威夷紅山. 海軍沒有通知任何人 Dec 18 2022

Joint Task Force Red Hill/2022
The Navy has been busy working to clean up a November 29 leak of toxic aqueous film forming foam at Red Hill.

It turns out this isn’t the first time AFFF has leaked at Red Hill.

Publicly available federal contracting records show the Navy hired an environmental remediation company on Sept. 30, 2020 to do “hazardous waste collection” after an “AFFF spill.”

At the time the Navy told the health department no AFFF had been released.

The Navy declined to be interviewed about the 2020 spill and did not answer written questions for this story. However, in a statement, Navy Region Hawaii spokesman Mike Andrews acknowledged that water spilled from a pipeline that previously contained AFFF.

Reporter Christina Jedra shares what she’s uncovered about the 2020 spill and why the public was not aware of it until now.

海軍一直忙於清理 11 月 29 日在紅山洩漏的有毒水成膜泡沫。

事實證明,這並不是 AFFF 第一次在紅山洩密。

公開的聯邦合同記錄顯示,海軍於 2020 年 9 月 30 日聘請了一家環境修復公司,在“AFFF 洩漏”後進行“危險廢物收集”。

當時海軍告訴衛生部門沒有發布 AFFF。

海軍拒絕接受有關 2020 年漏油事件的採訪,也沒有回答有關本文的書面問題。 然而,在一份聲明中,夏威夷海軍地區發言人 Mike Andrews 承認水從之前含有 AFFF 的管道中溢出。

記者克里斯蒂娜·傑德拉 (Christina Jedra) 分享了她對 2020 年漏油事件的發現,以及為什麼公眾直到現在才意識到這一點。

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