English video: AFRICA REJECTS US’ BLANK CHECK, Biden became the loser of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. 非洲拒絕美國的空頭支票,拜登成為美非領導人峰會的輸家.

A three-day U.S.-Africa summit came to a close on Dec. 15. A White House statement said the U.S.-Africa Summit in Washington underscored the U.S. commitment to broaden and deepen its partnership with African countries, institutions and people. The Biden administration plans to work closely with Congress to invest at least $55 billion in Africa over the next three years. The United States will also appoint a new special representative of the president to follow through on the summit’s commitments.

President Joe Biden did not mention China in his speech at the U.S.-Africa summit, and a White House spokesman refused to acknowledge that the summit was intended to “counter Chinese influence in Africa. However, international public opinion is not optimistic about the U.S.-Africa summit, believing that the U.S. has suddenly changed its previously neglected attitude and started to pay attention to Africa, with the real intention of turning Africa into an arena for great power games and pointing the finger at China.

為期三天的美非峰會於 12 月 15 日閉幕。白宮的一份聲明說,在華盛頓舉行的美非峰會強調了美國致力於擴大和深化與非洲國家、機構和人民的伙伴關係。 拜登政府計劃與國會密切合作,在未來三年內在非洲投資至少 550 億美元。 美國還將任命一位新的總統特別代表,以落實峰會的承諾。

美國總統拜登在美非峰會上的講話中未提及中國,白宮發言人拒絕承認此次峰會意在“對抗中國在非洲的影響力”,但國際輿論並不看好美國—— 非洲首腦會議,認為美國突然改變先前被忽視的態度,開始關注非洲,其真實意圖是將非洲變成大國博弈的舞台,並將矛頭指向中國。

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