ASEAN Rejects EU’s €10 Billion Handout

English video: ASEAN not a colony of US or EU Rejects EU’s €10 Billion Handout, Refuses to Follow Suit Against China and Russia 東盟不是美國或歐盟的殖民地 拒絕歐盟的 100 億歐元援助,拒絕效仿中國和俄羅斯

Leaders of two regional organizations, the EU and ASEAN, held their first ASEAN-EU summit on December 14. Numerous leaders from EU countries and ASEAN countries participated in the summit in the Belgian capital Brussels and decided to further strengthen cooperation in a number of areas, including clean energy, security, trade, and infrastructure.

Despite the growing convergence of interests between ASEAN and the EU, there are significant differences on topics such as China relations and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The summit is being promoted as “an opportunity to advance trade relations with the region’s fast-growing economies. We are far apart, but there are more values that unite us,” EC President Ursula von der Leyen told the ASEAN leaders in attendance. The EU has pledged to invest about 10 billion euros in Southeast Asia.




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