Economist: How China’s Sinovac compares with BioNTech’s mRNA vaccine

Economist: How China’s Sinovac compares with BioNTech’s mRNA vaccine. Here’s a recent study. China’s Sinovac at 3 jabs is as good as anything out there. by KJ of SF Bay Area China Group 12/19/23

The inactivated virus includes the spike. However, the M-RNA vaccines only had the spike, resulting in vaccine-evading variants. The variations can then be re-programmed into the m-RNA vaccine, but it’s a much slower process with inactivated variants.

Also, I believe the m-RNA vaccines are more harmful and shocking to the body. They create more side-effects, but they also create higher levels of T cells.

Professor John Wash, MD in SF: Sinovac vaccines and especially the account in the Economist where the graphic presentation is superb, much better than what I saw in a quick look at the paper referred to.

Also it makes clear why there has been a hard push to get the population boostered. It is strange to me that for those who have received the first shot, there is more hesitation about the second and more still with the third, etc. I would have thought that once someone saw the first shot was benign that the second would come easier etc.
In terms of the politics, I am most concerned that the West will now try to sell the Zero Covid policy as a failure. It was not. Not only did it save lives and keep the economy going but it bought time for vaccines and antivirals to be developed. Now they are in hand and let us hope that they can be deployed quickly enough.

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