UK’s secret betrayal

Video: UK’s secret betrayal, never acknowledge 1,000 of Chinese helped with war efforts with little pay, forced repatriation of Chinese sailors after WWII, disappeared overnight breaking up families 英國的秘密背叛,從不承認 1000 名中國人以微薄的報酬幫助戰爭,二戰後中國水手被迫遣返,一夜之間失踪導致家庭破裂

CGTN digs into a dark chapter of the #UK’s wartime history, where racial prejudice in some of the highest echelons of government resulted in broken families, lost heritage and a fight to make British authorities apologize for a shameful past. The Chinese sailors, who once braved the stormy seas and battlefronts of the North Atlantic to keep Allied forces supplied during the Second World War, were forcibly repatriated when the war ended. Hundreds of men vanished overnight, leaving behind wives, partners and children without any explanation of where they had gone and why. CGTN speaks to sons, daughters and grandchildren of the sailors about the tragedy in the documentary “The Secret Betrayal.” CGTN 深入探討了#UK 戰時歷史的黑暗篇章,政府一些最高層的種族偏見導致家庭破裂、遺失遺產以及為讓英國當局為可恥的過去道歉而進行的鬥爭。 第二次世界大戰期間,曾冒著波濤洶湧的大海和北大西洋前線為盟軍提供補給的中國水手,在戰爭結束時被強行遣返。 成百上千的男人一夜之間消失了,留下了妻子、伴侶和孩子,沒有任何關於他們去哪里和為什麼的解釋。 CGTN 就紀錄片《秘密的背叛》中的悲劇向水手的兒子、女兒和孫輩講述

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