FBI paid Twitter millions dollars to censor information from the public

News video: Elon Musk and Matt Taibi revealed today that the FBI paid Twitter millions dollars to censor information from the public 今天透露,FBI 向 Twitter 支付了數百萬美元來審查來自公眾的信息.


The main difference between the Chinese and American the government :

  • the Chinese government is comfortable with censoring its media to protect its population from Western MSM lies such as the fake Uyghur genocide, the fake massacre of Tiananmen, etc. It is honest with the people. You can use a VPN if you really want to read Western news and media, at your own peril
  • the US government lies to its people. It falsely pretends to champion freedom of speech while secretly censoring information. Unlike the Chinese government, it is tirelessly criticising the freedom of speech in other countries

Have you noticed that almost all Western MSM are silent about the Twitter files ?

Elon Musk 和 Matt Taibi 今天透露,FBI 向 Twitter 支付了數百萬美元來審查來自公眾的信息。


  • 中國政府樂於審查其媒體,以保護其人民免受西方 MSM 謊言的影響,例如虛假的維吾爾族種族滅絕、虛假的天安門大屠殺等。它對人民誠實。 如果你真的想閱讀西方新聞和媒體,你可以使用 VPN,後果自負
  • 美國政府對其人民撒謊。 它假裝捍衛言論自由,同時暗中審查信息。 與中國政府不同,它不厭其煩地批評其他國家的言論自由

您是否注意到幾乎所有西方 MSM 都對 Twitter 文件保持沉默?

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