Racist America

When China was weak. AngloSaxon racists steamrolled over Chinese like garbage with absolutely no consequences, US even passing the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act to impressed the world still inforce today disguised under various fancy names.

Now China is much stronger, the same AngloSaxon racists hide behind homeland security lies. It is the same bottle just different wines. Chinese in US has overstayed their welcome in this foster home. 1000s of smart educated with special technical skills and dignity are leaving America every month.

中國弱的時候。 西人種族主義者像對待垃圾一樣對待中國人,完全沒有任何後果,美國甚至通過了 1882 年的《排華法案》,以給世界留下深刻印象,這些法案今天仍然以各種花哨的名字偽裝。

現在中國強大得多,同樣的西人種族主義者隱藏在國土安全謊言的背後。 這是同一瓶不同的酒。 在美國的華人在這個美國寄養家庭中已經過了他們的歡迎期。 每月都有數千名受過特殊技術技能和教育懂得什麼是尊嚴的聰明的中國人離開美國.

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